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  1. Hi! I was wondering if I should sumbit my GRE score considering that the majority of statistics and biostatistics probably recommends sending GRE score? My gre score was Quant: 167. Verbal 159, AWA: 4.0
  2. Hi all, I retook the GRE and got 326 (167 quant and 159 V). This is unofficial score, but I want to know if this is sufficient for some of the biostatistics schools? Thank you
  3. Not the OP, but I am stats phd applying for fall 2022. Is one semester of Real analysis (no measure theory, but used rudin) enough if I took bunch of other math classes? Thanks
  4. Hello, I have an question regarding letter of recommendation. I just finish my semester, and I am nearly about to apply graduate programs for biostatistics and statistics. Is it advisable to ask my real analysis professor (took it in Fall 2020/ A) for letter of recommendation over the Complex Analysis (Spring 2021 / A-)? I was asking this question, because I was wondering if graduate programs want to see letter of recommendation from real analysis, or classes you took recently? I say both professors know me well equally, but I already asked the real analysis professor for R
  5. @trynagetby @bayessays Thank for advice! What would be some good "safety schools" that I can look into.
  6. Student Type: Domestic Asian male with severe hearing loss Applying for: Biostats / Stats PhD Fall 2022 Undergrad: UT Austin Major: Mathematics with certificates in computer science and statistics GPA: 3.90 overall and 3.9580 in major Math: Calc I and II (AP credit), Calc 3(A), discrete math (A), probability (A), ODE (A-), intro to number theory (A), proof linear algebra (A), Real Analysis I (A), intro to stochastic process (A), intro to math stats (A), Math learning assistant experience (A), numerical analysis (A), Complex analysis ( currently taking- High B or low A), PDE (A) CS: intr
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