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  1. Even if the question itself is mandatory, I've never seen them not give the option of "I would prefer not to respond." It probably won't make a huge difference the MS program, but it can only hurt you to say you are Asian, so why risk it, especially if your name doesn't give it away?
  2. It's hard to imagine you could really know you want a PhD in a quantitative subject when you haven't really taken any math classes to know what that entails - but let's assume for a second that you do. You might be able to get into a PhD program by just taking a few more classes. If you took through Calc 3, linear algebra, and a probability class, you'd be a decent candidate for a lower tier but respectable biostatistics PhD. There is almost zero chance of you getting into a math or CS PhD without literally completing almost an entire bachelor's degree. My advice would be to take a couple of these classes and see what really interests you about them and evaluate how much time you're willing to put into that - but biostatistics is the clearest path open to you. I would also second the advice that a master's (after the math pre reqs) might be a very good idea for you.
  3. Functional analysis is used in some areas of statistics, but unless you are doing theoretical research in that area, what I said was that taking a class in it is probably overkill - most PhD statisticians probably couldn't tell you what subjects a class in functional analysis would even cover. Differential geometry is used in shape analysis and some people design experiments using algebraic geometry, but you probably shouldn't take those classes either.
  4. For sure, I get it - I like math too and understanding some proofs is important. But you'll probably never have to use anything from those first two classes in research if you don't go out of your way to do so. There is a huge range of research in between using already-made tools to do empirical research and functional analysis (almost the entire field of statistics!), and in a few years you will think of this as a very inconsequential choice in your career.
  5. I would look at it this way - if you don't enjoy the classes where you have to prove things like this, you won't enjoy the type of research that requires proving things like that all the time, so take the non-parametric stats class. Unless you go to Stanford or really want to research in those areas, you can be a PhD statistician and know nothing from those two classes. Some PhD stats programs might require you to take a similar stochastic processes class though. If you're into applied research and don't really love the super mathy parts, I'd consider looking into biostatistics programs where your profile would be attractive to very good programs.
  6. Obviously an A in a tough math class will help you some, but it sounds far from guaranteed. Your math grades aren't awful, so I don't think taking one more class and getting an A would be such a huge boost that you need to do it. I'd say take whichever class you want to take - you already have more of a math and stats background than most applicants.
  7. bayessays

    Application Resume vs Job seeking Resume

    Yeah, I would say it's pretty much the same - if you had publications, depending on the job, you probably wouldn't put them on the resume whereas you definitely want to include that on an academic one. It's not a super important part of the application since you fill out all the same info in the application itself and your SOP.
  8. bayessays

    Multivariate Calc on transcript

    Since you're a math major, they will almost certainly just assume you know it. I was in the same boat, where my school had multivariate as part of Calc 2. Only one school ever asked about it, and I just explained that I had it in Calc 2 and it was an easy 5 second conversation. You'll be good, don't worry!
  9. bayessays

    Gre scores to submit

    If we were talking a 10 point drop in your other scores but 1 point lower Q, that would be one thing. But 1 point vs. 3 points isn't a big deal - your Q score is low for statistics grad schools, and you need every point you can get.
  10. bayessays

    UChicago - Reapplying Question

    Yes, I think those things would qualify IF the GRE scores were significantly better (not just a couple points), if you took and did extremely well on the subject test, or if you had impressive relevant work experience (think data scientist at Facebook or something along those lines - a school like Chicago probably won't care anyways, but they're not going to be impressed by some random job you had for a year).
  11. bayessays

    Gre scores to submit

    Use the higher Q score.
  12. "Solely". If they decide to reject you because of your grades, having a disability doesn't magically protect you. Further, OP has never claimed to have a disability. Schools are required to provide students reasonable accommodation for their disabilities - they are not required to admit students who failed classes. Can you just leave this forum and stop polluting every thread with your incorrect advice?
  13. Gauss, the ADA has nothing to do with this. Schools don't have to lower their admissions criteria because somebody has a disability by letting them in regardless of their grades. This is bad advice. Duckster, I am sure you are sick of hearing my advice but I will give you a slightly different perspective. Your Bs are not a big issue, so it's really about the F. If you don't mention an illness, they will have no reason to think you were even sick. You got an A the last quarter, so this is not a trend as you are so worried about. The thing I would be slightly more worried about is that they might worry you failed because of cheating or something like that. If you mention it, it would probably be best to mention the illness in passing, giving the impression that it was something more along the lines of getting mono. "I became ill for a few months during this one quarter, and my work suffered and I failed a class.". Maybe even just say your work suffered because of an illness in your family - you are part of your family. If the professor mentioning the illness is not the professor of the class you failed or your academic advisor, I think it would make things worse and give the impression that this is a big deal ongoing thing. Again, I think regardless of what option you take, make as little of a deal out of it as possible. Aren't you only applying for MS programs? They might barely even read the SOP.
  14. bayessays

    U Michigan Personal Statement vs SOP

    Yeah, don't worry too much about it. Personal statements aren't super important, and it's a university-wide requirement so the department probably won't care that much.
  15. I don't think a part-time schedule or a few Be is something to worry about, so really we are just talking about a single F here. It sounds like you mostly have As besides this - I wouldn't worry about it because it's not a math class. If it was multiple bad grades I think addressing it would be a bigger concern. Shit happens. Adcoms aren't looking for every little reason to reject you, so I wouldn't bring attention to a minor blemish.

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