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  1. With this profile, a program like Florida State seems like a pretty extreme safety.
  2. I don't think you'll have huge issues, but international student admissions are pretty rough. If you were an American, I'd say you would be a top 20 candidate. 30-40 sounds doable. I had very similar grades to you and my results have been all over the map (accepted at some very high programs but also rejected at much lower ranked schools).
  3. Most good internships are for more advanced students so you probably won't have to worry about this right away. I would recommend trying one out. I mean this in the least condescending way possible, but you don't really know what life is like as a statistician in academia or industry until you experience it, so I'd recommend doing at least one internship to see what it's really like. Tech internships are so varied, and often require specialized skills (especially survey methods) and you might love it. You might also like making $9k per month.
  4. You shouldn't have to apply separately. They would admit you to the Masters program initially anyway if you apply for the PhD, so just apply to the PhD and they'll let you into the MS program if they want you.
  5. Apply to the PhD. It'll let them know your intention to continue, which may affect funding (although some regular MS students are funded too). If they don't accept you, there might be an option to be considered for the MS. Your math background is really light for someone wanting to get into their PhD program though.
  6. bayessays

    PhD First Year Examination

    Almost all programs have at least one qualifying exam, and quite a few have two. What is your question here? This seems like something you should have looked into before agreeing to attend - qualifying exams are a major factor in the decision process for many people.
  7. bayessays

    Evaluation/Advice for 2019 Biostat Ph.D. chances

    If you do well on the GRE and in analysis, I'm sure you will have your pick of multiple top 10 biostat programs, probably some top 5. I wouldn't worry about your calculus grades at all, they aren't even bad.
  8. bayessays

    Undergrad here in need of some advice

    Most people don't have real stats research experience, and your REU will look good. Make sure to take a few statistics and probability class if you can though. You will have plenty of great industry options, especially in tech and pharma, from pretty much any stats PhD.
  9. bayessays

    Help with Biostat quals in 3 months

    It sounds like you already know what topics you need help on, so I'd search for course notes on those exact topics. I've often found that you can find a professor who will have written notes that just "click" more than other texts. Other than that, I'd say work through lots of solutions until you understand every step, literally memorize them if you need to, and then start working on similar practice problems.
  10. I think the above are a little too optimistic about your chances for top 5, but I could see you getting into some top 10 programs and most of the schools you listed.
  11. bayessays

    Seeking Advice After All Rejections

    Mostly agreed with above - get rid of your weakest letter, work on your SOP, and forget about the top 10 and just reapply next year. Make sure to apply for schools in the 20-30 range.
  12. bayessays

    Best computer to get?

    Yeah, getting a desktop to remote into is nuts unless you're already someone who would be doing this anyways, in which case you wouldn't be asking a forum for advice on what type of computer to get.
  13. bayessays

    Stats PhD 2019 Chances

    If you take real analysis first semester next year, and get an A so it's on your transcript, I agree with statscan9. Top 10 would need more math though to have a decent shot. Admissions for Canadians is not that much worse than for American's, certainly not like the competition for students from India and China.
  14. This is pretty shocking - I feel like if you posted your profile, everyone on this forum would say you're going to get into all of those programs. Perhaps MS programs are getting more competitive.
  15. That being said, the MPS placements do look pretty impressive and it saves you a year of schooling. For me personally, if I were looking for a job afterwards, saving a year would be a big advantage. You also have a capstone project which will probably help you land a job. Honestly, work hard and I doubt you would be held back by either option.

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