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  1. Have you taken linear algebra and real analysis? The bar is high for international applicants, so your math background will keep you out of those US schools.
  2. An actively bad letter will kill your application. A history prof's letter probably won't help much, but if there is any chance the other professor will say you sleep in class, you want to avoid that at all costs because you don't get in anywhere. Go with the history prof, definitely.
  3. bayessays

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    Sorry, I saw the word "stay" and made that assumption. Anyways, with the school that you actually go to, the same applies. You have as good of a shot as pretty much anyone to get into these programs.
  4. bayessays

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    You have an almost perfect GPA from Stanford, strong math background, perfect test scores, were a top Putnam performer, and have recommendations from well-known professors. You say that you don't have research experience, but your internships count and are just as legitimate as almost any undergrad stats research. I'd be shocked if you didn't get into Davis, incredibly surprised if you didn't get into Berkeley, and think you should ask your profs about getting into their department (but I think you have a very good shot there). If you have any flexibility on location, you will have one of the best profiles of any applicant this year and should apply to more top schools. I would never usually say this because Davis has a good program, but I think you're too good to go there.
  5. Nobody will care. I've withdrawn from and failed statistics classes and it didn't cause any issues. Withdrawing from a physics class? Nobody will even question it.
  6. If you're above the 70th percentile, I definitely don't think you'll be out of the running at Stanford. Not sure if it's worth retaking - it would be clearer if you got a 30% and were dead set on going to Stanford. Plenty of people get into Chicago without even taking the subject test. The other schools don't need to see it at all. I wouldn't bother, but only you can make the decision.
  7. It's not absolutely mandatory, especially for programs outside the top five, but you have to have some other evidence you can handle the coursework. With your record, I have trouble seeing you getting into a top 20 biostat PhD (and that's ranking within biostatistics specifically, so basically the top 70 US News). Frankly, you would be wasting your money applying to the programs you listed - they are beyond reaches.
  8. I think you'll be fine. Apply to the top programs and some that are a little lower (don't only apply to Stanford and Chicago).
  9. bayessays

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    Agreed that if you like environmental applications, there's a lot of that in biostat departments. Lots of social science/public health research too. You would get a top notch theoretical education at Washington/UNC Biostat. The culture is a little different, but they'd set you up extremely well for a tech job because you'd have lots of experience working on teams on applied projects.
  10. bayessays

    2019 Statistics PhD Profile

    You ever think of biostat programs? particularly for Washington, which is probably one of the hardest stats programs to get into - their biostat program might be a little more attainable and has amazing ML people (eg Daniela Witten). I think you have a good shot at getting into some program on your PhD list but they're all pretty competitive programs. Good luck.
  11. I think you're in good shape, Duke and above are really hard to crack. I would also throw in some other good programs with lots of Bayesians like UT-Austin, maybe Ohio State along with the top programs.
  12. bayessays

    2019 statistics profile

    It's hard to give you an exact answer without seeing this trend (if all your low grades were in your sophomore year and then you aced every class your junior year and then got an A in analysis, that would help), but I don't see you having even an outside shot at any of these schools. I don't see you getting in anywhere above 60 on the US News rankings. Getting a master's first might be a good option for you.
  13. bayessays

    GPA requirements

    Considering you go to an Ivy, I think you'll get into some programs in the 50-70 range on US News, maybe in the 40 range if your letters are really great. If you got into a good MS program and did well, you could improve that a lot. Depends on your goals. There is a lot of speculation involved in this since profiles like this aren't super common, there's less data on lower ranked programs, and so much depends on letters in a case like this.
  14. bayessays

    GPA requirements

    You haven't let us know what type of undergrad you go to (the prestige of the institution itself, its biostat ranking is irrelevant). I think you could probably get into Mizzou-level PhD programs right now assuming a near-170 GRE score. Your chances are better and you could probably stretch upward if your top 50 school is, for example, Columbia rather than Iowa.
  15. bayessays

    GPA requirements

    It won't disqualify you, but you need o have something to make up for it. I had the same GPA and got into top programs, but had more serious stats research experience than almost anyone else at that level. If you don't have something to help distinguish you, you're going to be a below average applicant at top schools. How highly ranked of a program do you want to go to and what was your undergrad institution's prestige? Can't really give you more insight on what would be good next steps without that info.

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