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  1. I get time off during breaks, and can take a few weeks completely off in the summer. Also, my only obligation during summers will be to do research, so I could probably do that remotely as well. I totally understand wanting even a few weeks off - when I was in industry, I certainly did not appreciate the monotony and I think you'll definitely be able to get what you're looking for where you have a few weeks every few months to sort of unwind.
  2. If by "bunch of time off" you are interested in taking literally the whole summer off, this will vary heavily by program. Some programs I've talked to have no expectations of their students outside of the school year and you're free to take internships, travel, do whatever you want. On the other hand, I'm on a year-round fellowship so I'm expected to do research during the summers or would have to forfeit my stipend.
  3. It doesn't look like they're an April 15th school from the above CGS list -- this does impact your timeframe a little bit, but this doesn't seem sketchy at all. Some schools give exploding offers they want you to reply to within a week or two, and that's what to really look out for as a red flag. Realistically, you'll probably have your other decisions in hand by Feb 22nd and I'm guessing most schools won't be having in-person visit days anyways. CSU is a really good department, and I think it's comparable to any school on your list and should be seriously considered even if you got into yo
  4. I just think the Michigan people were very rule-focused and strict about the requirement. Clearly someone who has taken multiple semesters of analysis can handle calculus, so I think most departments wouldn't notice. I am just guessing though.
  5. I don't think it will be an issue at most places as long as you can do multivariable calc, but I did have a strange conversation with Michigan biostatistics once where they wanted to make sure I took a multivariable calc class before admitting me, even though I was a math major.
  6. Penn has become a great department in the last ten years and they have some top people. Minnesota has also lost a few of their top faculty, and the rankings don't necessarily take that type of stuff into account quickly. I would put those two schools in the same tier, directly below Tier 1 of Hopkins/Harvard/Washington/UNC. I do think rankings matter somewhat especially if you want to go into academia, but definitely not to an extent that you should decide between two great schools like those because of their rank. Nobody in the profession would think you made a bad choice if you chose
  7. As @Stat Assistant Professor says, broadly quantifying uncertainty is certainly of interest to statisticians (do statisticians do much else?) but the field of "uncertainty quantification" is something I don't see described as a research area for actual statisticians, but more in some type of niche engineering fields. I think if you told 100 statisticians that your field of research was "uncertainty quantification", 98% would be confused as to what you actually study.
  8. I am just taking a guess here in case this is your situation, if Northwestern is discussing an offer with you and urging you to make a decision quickly, you should let all your options come in. Northwestern has a terrible system where they pressure students to accept quickly, mislead them about being admitted to the department, and then revoke their offers. That being said, Ohio State is objectively the better department for someone who wants an academic career, regardless of any other issues with the department.
  9. Ohio State for sure, not even close.
  10. Yeah, there are plenty of solid unranked PhD programs. There are some lower-ranked math departments that have statistics PhDs within them that people don't even know about -- In addition to the schools above, Notre Dame Applied Math, Clemson math, Arkansas math come to mind as just a few examples of departments with good statisticians that are not well-known schools in the statistics community because they don't appear on US News. South Dakota State has a computational science and statistics PhD, and one of their alums became a professor at Iowa State Statistics, a top department. If you ha
  11. I doubt these make a big difference for most departments - the consensus used to be that they are institutional requirements most departments will probably not care about. However, professors are humans like everyone else, and I imagine there are some professors whose political leanings make them interpret these statements in particular ways so I'd be careful about what you write just to be safe. If they aren't required, and you don't have anything to say, I would not fill it out. If they are required, I would write as little as possible without sounding dismissive. I wrote about 2 sentenc
  12. For biostatistics, the very earliest decision usually come around now and all through January, some into early February. Most statistics programs are in February.
  13. I imagine this will mostly affect international students who were not able to come to the US for classes and will vary a lot by department. We had two students who had to stay in their home country for the semester and took the classes online, so we didn't have issues with deferments as far as I know.
  14. Not familiar with their cohort size or the program very much.
  15. My only concern with FSU is that they often give unfunded offers and that Pitt is pretty small. I'd feel Michigan State would probably be a little safer than those for those reasons. I think it's very hard to consider any individual school completely safe, but between the three schools I'd feel pretty safe. With your profile, I don't think you need to apply to lower ranked schools than that, but I would apply to more than 2 schools in the range.
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