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  1. bayessays

    PhD without thesis option...

    Yes, this won't be a big deal.
  2. bayessays

    April 15 resolution?

    So happy that it went well! Congrats on your first choice and best of luck!
  3. bayessays

    April 15 resolution?

    Just write this email to the department you are turning down basically. Explain what happened and that you'll be taking another offer. You don't even need to mention school names. Tell them you're very sorry. This isn't the end of the world. Whatever you do, go to your first choice school and don't let a little technicality like this hold you back.
  4. No, you'll be fine with no biology. You will not be siloed. Your homework example problems and research opportunities for two years will focus on biology applications but it won't limit you afterwards.
  5. Yes, it is worth it if it is a good biostatistics program. But it also depends on your personality. If you don't enjoy that aspect, will you still enjoy grad school if you have to take a public health class and be around people who are more interested in health research all the time? But you'll end up with the skills you want at the end in a good program.
  6. People are generally referring to US News
  7. Yeah, you're in good shape to apply to PhD programs outside the top 10.
  8. Yes, you are definitely competitive for schools ranked 4-10.
  9. If you're interested in the biostatistics research enough to write a dissertation on it, I don't think biostatistics will hold you back. JHU has great placements. I don't think you can go wrong. I'd consider the environment you would enjoy more (public health school vs. liberal arts) and which city you'd rather live in for 5 years.
  10. bayessays

    Best Course to Take

    None of those are particularly applicable to statistics (in a broad sense), so all they will do is prove you can do math. So take the one you will enjoy and that you'll get an A in.
  11. bayessays

    Do I need to retake the GRE?

    No, definitely not, that would be a waste of money. Your score is plenty good for anywhere.
  12. bayessays

    Choosing Between UF and OSU

    I would like to add that I emphasize the research fit thing especially because if someone told me they were interested in machine learning and graphical models, I would say that UF has a decent number of people in those areas.
  13. bayessays

    Choosing Between UF and OSU

    I'm not sure how well-defined your research interests are, but besides vision research (an incredibly niche area of research), those aren't necessarily any more or less applied than other areas of statistics. There is very theoretical research in all those areas. UF has a ton of faculty doing applied research, some of which they call machine learning, so I'm not sure why OSU seems to be a better research fit for you. Your research interests might change as you learn more in your classes and go through a program too. Deep learning is a pretty niche topic in stats departments still, and most programs don't really have people doing research in it still. All I'm saying is, before you base your decision on where to go solely on your perceived "research fit", make 100% sure you know enough to know those are really your interests. Most students don't really know enough to know this when they start their programs, so I don't mean to sound condescending at all. As for the other stuff, you'll probably be sick of structure after a few years when you are dying to be done with coursework. I know that for me personally, OSU having two separate years of important examinations was a negative for me. Since you'll be spending most of your 20s in this place, I think that location is incredibly important, especially when the programs are so equal in reputation. If you like UF a lot more in that respect, I would strongly consider going there because it sounds like you would enjoy it more and still probably be able to do research there that you are interested in. Keep in mind you'll be writing your dissertation with 1 or 2 professors so you don't necessarily need to love every professor's research.
  14. With your math grades, you're going to need to increase your GREQ at least 5 points. You're also going to definitely need to do a reputable master's program first to have any shot at a top 50 program. As it stands, I don't see you having a shot at a top 70 US News program. 5 years ago, I had almost identical grades from a top school, perfect GRE, and much more research experience and was rejected from the schools you're applying to, and admissions have only become more competitive.
  15. bayessays

    Best masters for data science at FAANG?

    No, nobody will really know the programs. Get a master's degree from a reputable school that is well-regarded overall. Have friends who can refer you to the job, which is the only way to guarantee your application will get read. And make sure wherever you go, you yet a strong basis is stats and programming so you can pass the interviews. At non-FAANG companies, a master's from Stanford or Chicago might help. But at the big companies, it's all about getting in the door (and making 1 friend is easier than paying $100k to Stanford for this) and knowing how to pass the interviews.

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