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  1. No, grad school will care significantly less about this than a job would. I took a few years off and took acting classes - nobody cared or asked.
  2. Do you think you can get your GRE Q above 160? I feel like that's really the only flaw in your profile.
  3. As @Stat Assistant Professor alluded to, the biggest issue is that these schools aren't really much less competitive than Harvard/Chicago/Duke. I'm just a sample of 1, but I was waitlisted at Chicago twice and rejected multiple times from Columbia, NCSU, Purdue, and Duke. Schools like UIUC/UF/OSU/TAMU are definitely less competitive but very high-quality programs and I think that's a good range to focus on, with a few below and a few above.
  4. Great advice here. Sometimes I realize I'm not specific enough in what I'm saying. I don't think UF/UIUC are "safe" schools, and certainly don't think UW/NCSU are close to safeties for OP. But I think some schools like FSU/Colorado State/Rice are pretty good bets, and OP should apply to more schools in that range as safer options, rather than going much further down in the rankings. There's a pretty big drop-off in program quality after 50 (besides a few standouts like SC) in my opinion, so I think OP would be better served by sending out more applications within the top 50 than applying t
  5. Stanford says in their FAQ you can submit an extra letter if you want. I think this may be one of those rare cases where it makes sense to have both. I think the Stanford connection can only help you - nothing says "this person can handle the program" like someone who has been through it themselves.
  6. I'd be somewhat surprised if you got rejected from UF/UIUC, and very surprised if you got rejected from FSU. I think you could reasonably apply to any program besides Stanford, and I don't think you need to apply to any programs outside the top 50.
  7. People leave their PhD programs with an MS all the time. I would be utterly shocked if your program did not allow this. Talk to your advisor/the grad program chair and figure out how you can stay and leave with an MS. Your first year of courses is probably the same, so even in the worst case that they cut off your assistantship, you'd still save money compared to starting over somewhere else. You can re-apply and I'm sure you'll have a lot of success, but really ask if that's the best path for you. I'd do anything I can to try to make it work at your current program to leave with an M
  8. You went to an Ivy League school and have one bad math grade, and a great GRE score. I don't think those reaches are big reaches. Drexel and Temple are more than safe enough. I would recommend just adding more schools like Brown, Minnesota, Penn.
  9. There is not a ton of info available on admissions to these lower-ranked programs, but I think you would get into some of those on your list. I'm not as optimistic as @StatsG0d and I think Iowa/Pitt/FSU are already "reach" schools for you and you shouldn't apply much higher than that. For an international applicant especially, a 3.4 graduate GPA is very low, so I think you are right to focus on more applied programs. Since you have 5 years of experience working in pharma, I don't think anyone will question that you want to go to a more applied program.
  10. Hey, this is mostly a statistics forum, so I will forewarn you that this is a *very* uninformed opinion. But some people here over the years have applied to both statistics and operations research programs, so I've seen a little bit of these admissions results. I'm guessing when you say you go to a liberal arts college that it's a pretty good one? Top 20 or top 50 at least? Regardless, your profile looks very strong both in terms of coursework and research and I'd recommend you apply to any of those programs that interest you and I suspect you'll have good results. It seems to me, from
  11. @Bayeasy do you mean 80-90 in Asian rankings, or 80-90 in the world rankings? Also, did you mix up your GRE scores? I'm guessing the 168 is your math/quantitative score?
  12. What are the published papers like? Did you do some data analysis for a professor, or did you do methodological research and submit a paper to JASA? Huge difference. Assuming the research experience you have is average/typical of an undergrad, you'll be competitive for top 20 schools, but I don't think it's safe to only apply that high. Add some schools in the 20-50 range (even schools ranked #50 include UC-Irvine and UT-Austin, which I think are as good as some top 25 programs). I think you should definitely apply to any biostatistics program that interests you. For stats, my guess
  13. Not sure about economics, but for statistics, you can overcome this, but your grades need to improve. Realistically, you want to get your GPA above 3.0 to meet the minimum requirements for most graduate schools. So if you could get a 3.5 or above for your last two years, you could probably get into a lower-ranked master's program (lots of people screw up early in college). You will want to take some more math and stats classes to make up for the low grades in early ones, too. I know people who got an online/mostly-online MS in data analytics and got some good jobs afterwards. These progra
  14. Most beginning PhD students do not have this, so don't worry. Read the first couple paragraphs on Wikipedia. There is no reason for you to need to understand open problems in areas you will not be studying.
  15. You're reading the Michigan website incorrectly, they don't even require a single probability class and have one of the lightest course requirements now.
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