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  1. If you haven't seen the link, they're probably still considering you. It should look like this when the decision is out: Best of luck to you bro!
  2. Still no news from Northwestern... I wonder what happened
  3. Hi there, I'm going to UIowa this fall too as a grad student. Should we start a group chat for those who are going to UI? It would be great for finding roommate and sharing experience and stuff
  4. Me neither... According to their admissions page, decisions will be conveyed via the online application only so stay tuned. Best of luck!!! 🥰
  5. When did they email you for the interview? I also applied to MSU and I haven't heard from them since then 😔 Should I assume it's a rejection...
  6. Congratulations! I got the offer too. Btw, do we still have to wait for the official admission letter since the email only said "The Graduate Committee of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science has recommended that you be admitted"? Let me know if you got the same email.
  7. They told me the same thing. I hope this can be considered an unofficial offer. In your case I guess they were going to email you anw, but you just happened to reach them first. Best wishes for you!
  8. I got the same email from U of Iowa. Not sure how to reply though...
  9. Yes, I got the admit letter on December 20 and I am waiting for funding. Also, I heard that many schools will not be accepting international students due to the covid-19 situation (correct me if I'm wrong), so ASU might be my only shot. Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it.
  10. Have anyone heard from Arizona State University about funding? They said they would make some offers in Jan, but according to the survey page there was no information about funding. Should I email them and ask or would that be too pushy?
  11. Same here. I get a mini heart attack whenever I check the survey site 😰 becoming less optimistic everyday. Wonder if you're an international student?
  12. I also applied to UCSB's Stats program and have not heard from them Did they send you an email?
  13. Did anyone hear from Iowa State University? I am still waiting for their pre-application decision.
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