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  1. Hi @Riemannsum. If I am not wrong you have done Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and presently doing MMath(Master of Math) at the Bangalore center of ISI. @Stat Assistant Professor has already given you some very good advice. You should definitely approach some professors in stat-math unit who are close to you. I have seen some past students from MMath (whose interest was mainly skewed towards probability) getting accepted at UNC, MSU for their PhD in Statistics. So, perhaps you can check that and can try to contact those seniors.(If you need more help you can message me).
  2. Thanks a lot @Stat Assistant Professor for your detailed advice. I am really grateful to you for your time and effort in giving suggestions to me. I will do as you directed.
  3. Thank you very much @Stat Assistant Professor for your reply. Yes, your guess is perfectly correct. Though we never pondered over converting our grade to 0.0-4.0 scale, but the conversion is never done in that way. We have been told by senior students that either the admission committee will be aware of the grading pattern at ISI or the recommendation letter writers explain it if the university have no faculty as an alumni from ISI to gauge the marks. A percentage more than 75 earns someone the title "First Class with Distinction", the highest class in our institute. Anything above 60 percent
  4. Undergrad Institution:- A State University in India ( Country Rank:- 151-200) Program:- Bachelor of Science (Hons.) [ 3 year ] Major:- Statistics Minor:- Mathematics, Economics GPA:- 10/10 (Major), 9.6/10(Overall) [ Best Science Undergrad Award ] Type of Student:- International Asian Male Math & Stat Courses:- Classical Algebra+Trigonometry(9/10), Coordinate Geometry+Vectors(9/10), Calculus(10/10), Mathematical Analysis (10/10), Diff. Equations (9/10), Abstract Algebra(10/10), Linear Algebra+Mechanics(9/10), Numerical Analysis (10/10), Probability-I, II, III,
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