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  1. Hello. Looks like UChicago Stats has officially sent out decisions, but got a waitlist 😬
  2. Hey all, I got an admit from NU MSiA today. I'm v excited cause I only applied to NU and UChicago. Still waiting for UChicago Stats atm.
  3. Hey, sorry but I'm actually not too sure. I believe it should be with the organizer/ the one who sent you the confirmation email. Also good luck on your interview. I talked to past students and they said it's not formal. Just mainly talking about soft skills. Good luck!
  4. I received an interview invite for NU MSiA and based on the schedule, interviews happened last week and will go on throughout this week.
  5. Hello! Just wondering, but has anyone heard anything from Northwestern MSiA yet? Thanks!
  6. I didn't get any update. Saw a bunch of admits and rejections yesterday and quickly checked portal... but unfortunately no news. I heard it's theoretical heavy but they also teach applied stats as well. I believe the consulting program will be a good exposure to application. I know someone who is currently a data scientists and he said programs that are theory heavy help prepare one looking to go into data science.
  7. Is Northwestern MS in DS the online program? Just want to make sure it's different from MSiA. Sorry... I'm getting v anxious due to radio silence
  8. Hi all! I applied to only NU MSiA and UChicago MS in Statistics. Still waiting on both. Does anyone know anything about UChicago's program btw?
  9. Hi lavafish. Congratulations on your acceptance! Also, thank you for letting me know! I also applied by priority deadline, but didn't receive anything. And wow that's a really quick turnaround, and definitely good to know. Maybe second round interviews/acceptances are coming soon?
  10. I thought the same. 5 business days after deadline seemed quick, especially with an interview squeezed in that period. But thanks for your feedback! Definitely reassuring to hear my speculation from another person. Also good luck!
  11. Hi, I tried starting this thread in Waiting It Out, but no replies yet. I thought I might try here so applicants in the same boat can stay aware/ share any news. I applied to Northwestern MSiA for Fall 2021 cycle. I haven't heard anything yet from the program and was wondering if anyone has received any news yet? I talked to current students and it seems NU sends out 2 rounds of interviews, first in Jan and second in Feb. Someone already posted an acceptance. I'm wondering if round 1 is already over and whether I should start giving up hope... any feedback would help! Thank you!
  12. Hi all! I didn't see any thread for data science/ analytics applicants. Thought I should start one for Fall 2021 cycle. Full disclosure: Applied to Northwestern MSiA and UChicago Master in Statistics. Still waiting for decisions/ have yet to hear back. Feel free to share any updates from your end! Thanks!
  13. Hi Two_Dicey! I was just wondering if you have heard back from any of the schools you applied to yet? I too am trying to transition from Finance to Data Science and I'm starting to worry about my chances.
  14. Hey RedBT. I'm just reaching out to see if you heard back from any of the schools you applied to? I too am applying for analytics program and was just wondering if you heard anything. Thanks!
  15. Does anyone know whether Northwestern's MSiA program will be interviewing this admission cycle? It's not mentioned on their FAQs or during their info session. Any knowledge on this will help.
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