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  1. @diplodocus_ I have some similar admits! Also got into Stanford/MIT/Columbia, and rejected from Harvard (lol). My impression is that Stanford's program is the most selective and probably the best for Silicon Valley tech. Personally, I'm also heavily considering MIT's MBAn because I prefer the east coast. I think the MBAn has a couple of other nice features that stand out, such as the 1) tight-knit cohort/sense of community and 2) great professional support. MIT's program also seems more applied than Stanford's program, if you have any preference on how theoretical v. applied the cu
  2. Not sure whether round 1 is over, but I received an acceptance from Northwestern's MSiA program. I applied by the early deadline (Dec 1) and received an interview invite in mid-late December though, so if you applied for the regular deadline I don't think this should be a reason to worry!
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