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  1. Awesome, thanks for your feedback! This is how I'm feeling but was just second guessing myself. Glad that we're on the same page 🙂
  2. Just got accepted, (after being wait listed), into the MS Analytics program at UChicago. Is there any reason I should consider to go to UChicago MS Analytics vs NYU MS DS, which I am currently planning on attending? NYU MS DS seems more established, rigorous, and is in New York vs Chicago. It's also slightly longer of a program. I think the only downside I see with NYU is it costing more, but curious to hear other's thoughts if any one is willing to share.
  3. Hey @bayessays thanks for the reply. That was my sinking suspicion but I was hoping someone would say it wasn't so😢
  4. Hey everyone, I'm curious what people's experience is with securing financial aid. I'm looking at the NYU Tuition cost and it looks like ~$75K for both years, not to mention living expenses, fees, and whatever else may be. How are people financing their education? I submitted my FAFSA a few weeks ago, but still haven't heard back. When I search for scholarships online, many are already expired and none seem relevant to my experience (as in I'm not eligible to apply to them). As of right now, it's looking like +90% of my education costs are going to have to be covered by loans. D
  5. Really the duration of the program! NYU's program is 2-years which fit my needs better. My undergrad wasn't in STEM and I wanted the opportunity to really immerse myself in the curriculum and feel like I earned the title of "data scientist". NYU's program from what I hear is based heavily on math theory, which is a big plus. Georgia tech is a great engineering school, but the program was only 1 year. Also, my girlfriend's best friends all live in NYC, which made the decision a bit easier too haha.
  6. I didn't receive any funding at either. Happily going to NYU 🙂
  7. Also got an acceptance to Georgia Tech MS Analytics (In person) last Friday
  8. Hey everyone! I'm incredibly excited and fortunate to have been accepted to NYU's M.S. Data Science and University of San Francisco's MS Data Science program. I'm curious if anyone has any first or second-hand experience with either program (especially NYUs) and have any anecdotes or tidbits of information they are willing to share. I'm particularly curious about the rigor of each program's curriculum and the career placement of its graduates. (Obviously, I've read through each school's website and FAQ, but like I said, I'm looking for first or second hand perspectives on this topic)
  9. Update: Just got accepted into NYU!! So happy to finally hear back from a school after months of getting rejected. Anyone have any opinions or thoughts about the NYU MS DS program? I'm going to re-read last years thread to gleam opinions. So far: Accepted: USF ($8k scholarship) NYU MS DS Rejected: MIT Mban Carnegie Mellon MS CS
  10. Well if that's the case, and considering I haven't heard anything from then, it appears I'm shit out of luck. That being said, I'm wishing you the best KMickey! I hope your interview goes great
  11. Update: Rejected from Carnegie Mellon MS Computer Science. Anyone hear back from NYU MS Data Science / Northwestern MsiA?
  12. Hey @vegan_bacon still waiting to hear back as well!
  13. Hey all, I too am anxious about waiting and thought that I'd chime in with the status of my applications. The only two I've heard back from are: University of San Francisco - MS DS (Accepted, $8K scholarship) MIT - Masters of Business Analytics (Rejected, biggest reach school so not surprised) Still waiting to hear back from: NYU – Masters in Data Science University of Chicago - Masters in Analytics Georgia Tech – Masters in Analytics Northwestern – Masters in Analytics Carnegie Mellon University – Mast
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