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  1. From the looks of it so far, University of Washington’s MS Data Science. Unless I get an acceptance from Berkeley or Northwestern, then I might have to reconsider.
  2. Nothing heard yet either from UCLA. But if I were you I would choose Stanford without a second thought. They are ranked 1 for a reason.
  3. Depends on what you’re looking for. Are you going to be more focused on the computer science side of the house or statistics? I personally would choose Berkeley. Their PhD programs are pretty high up there, otherwise you could also apply to Stanford which is close by.
  4. Just got an acceptance email from the Director of Georgia Techs Analytics masters program informing me that I got accepted to the program.
  5. Just got an acceptance to UW Masters in Data Science.
  6. talking about the4 PhD or MS program? Any idea how many people get accepted normally for their MS program?
  7. USF from what I've researched is at the same intensity as a Data Science boot camp, just stretched for a year to meet MS requirements. They do have a required "screening" if you can call it that prior to the semester and usually a couple people get washed out. As far as competency and skills concerned, they are top notch.
  8. Applied to the following: Northwestern MSIA 2nd round UC Berkeley MEng EECS Data Science and Systems UCLA MS Statistics UC Davis MS Statistics Data Science Track University of Michigan MS Data Science University of Washington MS Data Science Georgia Tech MS Computational Analytics
  9. I applied on the January 15 deadline. Nothing heard so far.
  10. I applied to the same program for Northwestern. Personally I think that early acceptance a couple days ago is a load of bs when looking at the previous decision dates in 2020 and 2019. I expect to hear something by mid March or April.
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