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  1. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I reviewed the top bio-statistics departments and definitely think I would as happier, if not happier in them as in a pure statistics program. I'll be applying to a mix of programs now.
  2. Thank you everybody for your super thoughtful and helpful advice. I'll definitely add some biostatistics schools to my list. I was more worried that the research involved would require some in depth biological knowledge even if self-studied/gleaned. Is it possible to succeed in bio-statistics with only a superficial understanding of biology?
  3. Hi all, so I've been trying to think of ways to broaden my application chances. One of my rec writers recommended bio-statistics programs. To be honest, while I don't hate biology I've also never been particularly interested in it. I enjoyed a biostatistics REU but more for the statistics side part than the bio. I don't mind and think I would actually enjoy the more applications-focus of biostatistics programs. Would it make sense to apply to biostatistics programs for me or would I end up being miserable?
  4. I actually have a friend who went to a usnews top 60 state flagship school with a slightly weaker profile (less research) than you who go into UNC phd Stats last year. Just wanted to add a datapoint.
  5. If you have the money, I think that having a masters from a top school with A's in 2 semester of real analysis would make you competitive at anywhere minus schools like Stanford. Currently, it seems likea crapshoot but I think its worth applying to PhDs.
  6. I think for places like CMU Stats+ ML and UNC ML it'll heavily depend on the quality of your publications. If they're in ICML, NeurIPS, ICLR, JML,Annals etc I think you have a good chance and should even think more about applying to CS grad programs based on your background. If they're more applied papers in niche journals like computational basket weaving I think you're heavily overshooting for stats programs given lack of mathematics coursework.
  7. Hi all, so I think a lot of applicants this year are nervous about how COVID is going to torpedo admissions. Can anyone familiar with the admissions/funding process comment on how bad it'll be (25%, 50%, 75%, or 90% reduction in cohort sizes?). Also how do people recommend we adapt. So if an applicant's match schools are top 20, should they expand to top 30, top 40, top 50?
  8. I just graduated with a Bachelors from Columbia University and talked to a Columbia Statistics professor this week. He/She indicated that they would be cutting back but they would still be accepting applications. Perhaps the chronicle has inside information and the professor isn't being straight with me idk. On a sidenote I don't think the outlookindia article is independent of the first, the language seems to be copied.
  9. Thank you for your responses! That's super comforting to know that this coronavirus won't completely destroy our admission chances.
  10. I just heard from friends that a certain school (Ivy league with a 10+ billion dollar endowment) is no longer providing funding for PhD applicants this cycle. The communication said "school of arts and sciences regrets to announce a one year pause in School-funded phd admissions for the year of 2021". However most science departments have not cancelled their application cycles (same can't be said of humanities). If this wealthy of a school is doing this I can't imagine other schools not pursuing a similar policy. Can someone familiar with funding mechanisms for Statistics departments speak
  11. Just wanted to say that this back and forth thread was extremely informative and helpful for someone applying this cycle.
  12. Hi all, I've never really considered an OR phd until now, so I have no idea what PhD programs are looking for/where I fall. I would really appreciate any advice on what type of OR PhD programs I could expect to get into. Thanks! Undergraduate Institution: Columbia University Major: Mathematics-Statistics GPA: 3.88 Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male Relevant Classes: Statistics Courses: Statistical Inference (Casella and Berger) (A) , Bayesian Statistics (A), Statistical Machine Learning (A-), Stochastic Processes (A), Probability Theory (A),
  13. You can try but I think chances for mere mortals like us is pretty low. People I know who get into those (these are domestic student btw) have perfect grades in Analysis and additional classes like Measure theory, Differentiable Manifolds in R^n, functional analysis, and topology. But then again, if you have good grades in really hard physics classes that might help a lot. But anyhow you should only apply if you're okay with the fact that there's probably a ~5-15% chance of getting in.
  14. I'm not super sure as I'm applying to schools too. But I've been stalking this forum for 2 years now so I'll try to pass on my absorbed knowledge. As an international your math background is a little weak (depending on what "introduce to abstract" is. If it's Abstract Algebra and you got an A in it then I think you have a good shot at programs rated 30+ on us news like CU Boulder UVA etc. I'm not sure how big a difference Analysis vs Advanced Calc would be, I'd just take which one covers the subjects your interested in.
  15. I totally agree that the at-home testing sucks and schools should just take the MIT approach and not even aceept the GRE. However, from what I know from Stats professors I've worked closely with at my home institution, they consider the GRE pretty trivial and aren't very understanding of the situation haha Also best of luck to you too!
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