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  1. I just had an interview with a professor at MSU and I was told to stay tuned since I have a high chance. Expecting to receive a fast update upon the committee's decision.
  2. Thank you for the offer to the Ph.D. program at the University. I learned many things through the interview with professor A and I appreciate the committee's time and deliberation in evaluating my credentials, and the consideration for additional support as well. However, I regret to inform you that I am accepting another offer that best matches my current professional goal. I decided to return this invaluable offer and support back for another deserving candidate. Again, thank you for recommending me for admission to your program. === I am accep
  3. Glad to hear that you also got an offer. I think they will send an official letter with the amount of stipend confirmed (it says no less than $20k!). They wrote: "... Final confirmation and the official admission letter will come from the Office of Admissions after it verifies that you have met all Graduate College requirements. ...", "... The final salary amount for academic year 2021-22 will be released upon the completion of pending contract negotiations. ..."
  4. I think you should contact the officer and department(or program) ASAP.
  5. I got the final offer from the University of Iowa with TA. EXTREMELY HAPPYYYY!
  6. I think this is quite frequent. Even some young or recently appointed assistant professors seem to be lagged in track of their newest publications or study on their cv / website. Thank you for the good point. I guess checking google scholar together helps a lot.
  7. How one can judge that a journal is prestigious or highly credible? As a student lacking academic training and experiences, I prone to see the indicators or citation-related scores. I think that publishing papers in journals like Annals of Statistics, JASA, JRSS, Biometrika, or Biostatistics is an honorable milestone in a scholar's life, but, I am wondering what other aspects can be considered besides checking the visible scores or undoubtedly accepting given convention in the academia. Thank you in advance for broadening my insight, or even two cents you wouldn't mind sharing!
  8. Though I do not definitely trust rankings, ISU's program ranks very high in USNR(around 20?). It's surprising to hear that... I'm afraid if the situation in the US would recover much slower than I thought.
  9. Thanks, @StatB, and @shyburrito! By the way, anyone still waiting without any news from UNC Biostat phd? I guess they are delaying decisions these days due to funding issues.
  10. I had an (informal) interview this morning. I was told that I can expect good news, but I forgot to ask about the funding so maybe have to wait for the final decision letter to arrive. Wishing all the best for this.
  11. Actually I am having a similar but much rarer experience with the U of Iowa. I sent an email asking about when the decisions may be available(just asking that, no other question). Then replied me: "Many thanks for submitting a strong application and for contacting me. We are close to making decisions and you are ranking quite high on our list. I wonder if I can have a 15-min zoom meeting with you to see if the department and you are a good match? You are highly welcome to ask questions about our program too." We're having a zoom meeting very soon and I feel a little bit mixed bc this is not a
  12. Did anyone got an offer from Duke Biostatistics Ph.D. program? I would be grateful if someone can share updates!
  13. Even if they don't require it I think it's better to tell them bc you are making changes in your official records.
  14. Does anyone have an idea by when would Duke Biostat make their decisions for PhD interviewees?
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