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  1. Undergrad Institution: QS Asian U top 100 Major(s): Statistics GPA: 3.78 after conversion Type of Student: International male GRE General Test: Q: 169 (94) V: 152 (53) W: 4 (55) TOEFL Score: 100=25+25+24+26 Grad Institution: Same with undergrad Major: Statistics GPA: not good Programs Applying: Statistics/Biostatistics Ph.D. programs Research Experience: one methodology publication in CSAM, two application publications in domestic journals (text analysis and GLM), one theory paper under review Awards/Honors/Recognitions: honorable mention for a poster presentatio
  2. I also accepted an offer from stat phd program ranked in the 30-40 range. To add some data for your reference, my alumni went to: US Census B., Battelle, Merck Pharm., Sandia National Lab., Apple, Westat, Lawrence Lab. UC Berkeley, Eli Lilly, Upstart Network, (postdoc: Columbia, Duke), Twitter, Amgen, IBM China, Google, and many other huge insurance and financial service providers. Currently, I'm interested in a stat faculty career and aware of fierce competitions these days in academia job markets; but industry placements seem to reflect much less weights on prestige.
  3. Anyone still waiting for the statistics phd program decisions of UC Davis and Rice? They are saying both admission and waitlisting decisions would be released no later than April 15, but I'm seriously considering just accepting an offer by OSU...
  4. For UNC, you can refer to here! Honestly, I have given up hoping for updates from them...
  5. Thank you so much for sharing the information!! This is exactly what I have been needed. Though UFL and UNC have not updated my status either, anyway, I have only one option in mind now. I will accept this offer unless I hear from UC Davis; but, UCD is highly likely to reject me since they did so last year. XD Many thanks again for your notes!!
  6. I got an offer from OSU today. Seems their decision process has not changed much!
  7. I just can't believe what just happened; I got an offer from OSU! THIS IS INSANE!!
  8. I've contacted UCSB and she told me that i'm waitlisted. It's very difficult to judge odds since they've received an excessive amount of strong applications this year, and their offers've got very few (both positive and negative) responses so far. 🤔 Thanks for UCD and UCR!
  9. Yes, I heard that they do rollings so I guess that's not impossible as well.
  10. Hi, I have these pending Ph.D. applications: Stat programs: CSU, OSU, Rice, UC Riverside, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara Biostat programs: U of Florida, UNC-Chapel Hill Do you know which program has zero probability of accepting more candidates? I just want to know if there are any programs that have finished their admission rolling. Or, is there any program that ghosts their applicants?
  11. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I guess workloads for TA appointments are not so different between schools, but I am also a workaholic and hope to be a faculty in the US in the future. So I'm also considering RA opportunities or students' research history as well. I'm currently contacting a graduate from the department who's doing a postdoc to learn more about the culture. There are several professors who study the areas I am interested in. I've not considered the program size, thank you for adding a new view. Hope you and your family can successfully begin your life there!!
  12. Hi, congratulations for all who got the offers for this Fall semester. If there is anyone who've made the decision for this year's cycle, I'd like to ask your experiences or ideas that affected your decision. Or if you are working to figure out which offer is better, please share the aspects (like pros and cons) you are considering now.
  13. I just had an interview with a professor at MSU and I was told to stay tuned since I have a high chance. Expecting to receive a fast update upon the committee's decision.
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