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  1. Agree with cyberwulf and also your profile is pretty strong--I think you're aiming way too low. I can see you want to target Ivies, but IMO it's better to apply to schools that are more highly ranked.
  2. I don't think it will be a factor in admissions, but it could be a factor for funding. One of the grad coordinators said my work experience (no peer reviewed papers published) helped me get a fellowship offer.
  3. I agree with @bayessays. I think your background and interests make you an ideal candidate for a biostatistics program outside of Washington and UNC.
  4. I would say you could get into most if not all MS stats programs. I wouldn't retake the GRE unless you're thinking of going PhD.
  5. I feel like UCLA stats would definitely want to see a formal real analysis course. Maybe not as much with UCLA biostats. I would maybe suggested you reach out to the grad coordinators of the programs that you're interested in and ask their opinion.
  6. What's atypical about your profile is the same as me (worked for a couple years as an RA). You went to a much better undergrad than me and have about the same GPA. I got waitlisted to UCLA (ultimately decided to get off the waitlist because I already had funded offers). I would be surprised if you didn't get into at least one of UCLA, UCD, UCI, CSU. I do kind of think Washington biostats is a reach because you haven't taken a formal real analysis course. If you wanted to, you could take the math GRE and show off all those fancy independent study courses you did. I think if you did well, Washington biostats and stats would be possible.
  7. First, you shouldn't double post just because no one responded to your initial post. You could probably get into a couple good MS programs, but you have almost no shot at getting into a PhD program in the top-40 with your profile. For an international student, your math background is pretty deficient. I do not see multivariable calculus on your resume. While you may have covered it in another class, I don't think that will be enough. I think even with the masters, it will be difficult for you to get into a good PhD program.
  8. Check out the mathematicsgre.com forum. This forum is sort of biased towards statistics / biostatistics.
  9. Out of curiosity for @Stat Assistant Professor and @bayessays, what about business schools? Aren't they more teaching-oriented but also get tenure?
  10. It would be helpful if you posted your whole profile (with grades, etc.), but yeah, this is definitely enough
  11. 1.) You don't really need to personalize your personal statement too much. See the post from cyberwulf. 2.) I think it depends. Many biostatistics programs have students who have never even taken real analysis, so I think for these programs getting a B will matter a lot less. For most statistics programs, I don't think it looks great, but I don't think it will necessarily auto-reject your application. 3.) I don't think it will matter much if you have just one more class. I'd probably take the writing class because you might need a break from all that math in one semester.
  12. One strategy is to contact the grad coordinators at each program and email them about your research interests and see if they can put you in touch with anyone.
  13. I have had personal success sending updated transcripts etc. to adcoms. The worst case scenario is that they ignore it, but I have found the vast majority are willing to take it under consideration.
  14. Since you're domestic, I think you'd have a decent chance at UNC or Michigan as a couple of good reach schools.
  15. You can look for research analyst / research assistant jobs at consulting firms, think tanks, international organizations, etc. that might at least give your application a small boost, while allowing you to make some money. Unfortunately, it's not really the best time to be looking for a job.
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