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  1. Accepted to Brown for MSc in Biostatistics.Offered 15% scholarship.Most likely,I will attend with the loan.
  2. Just rejected from CMU.Anyone heard from Virginia Tech?
  3. I applied there as well. Haven't heard anything yet. In fact, I haven't heard anything from all the colleges I applied. Is this a real bad situation?
  4. I haven't heard anything from Brown yet. It seems I can safely assume I am rejected.
  5. Did Brown send out its decision to biostat applicants?
  6. Thank you so much for the comprehensive response.Though you pointed me as a strong candidate, I feel the other way and think that I have very low chance for top 50 institutions because of the stiff competition from other international counterparts like Chinese,Korean,Indians. I have mentioned about track record of my institution in another comment.Those results encourage me to apply top schools though I get discouraged sometimes. I will definitely apply to the universities you suggested.Masters programs are costly and out of my budget ,however, I will try to consider them. My resear
  7. Thanks for the response.definitely I will apply more statistics programs.It would be really great if you could suggest some more universities.
  8. Thank you for the response.Do you have some universities in mind that you encourage me to apply?
  9. Thank you for the reply.My school is nationally unranked as per US news report and falls around (500-600) in Forbes ranking.Regarding track records, for PhD classes starting fall 2018, we had one guy who got admitted to UNC Chapel Hill for biostatistics, however, he had perfect GRE scores and overall incredible profile, another math major got into University of South California for quantitative psychology and so far I know another friend got into Baylor for mathematics but everyone were American. I will take your suggestions and apply broadly.I am pretty worried about my recommendation fr
  10. @cyberwulf @bayessays @jmillar @Stat PhD Now Postdoc @GoPackGo89 @statguy123 @Epi5tat @statphd @StatsG0d @mrsplitter @Gauss2017 @Biostat_Assistant_Prof @statfan You all are prominent people in this forum.Please spare some time to read my profile and drop some suggestions.
  11. Undergraduate Institution: Relatively medium sized state university in South, nationally unranked Major: Mathematics Minor: Statistics and Economics Cumulative GPA: 3.95 Major GPA: 3.92 Student Type: International, South Asian GRE General Test: 164Q, 151V, 3.5AW Classes: Calculus I,II,III (A,A,A),Vector Calculus (A),Differential Equation (A) Linear Algebra (B) Intro to Adv. Maths (A),Real Analysis I,II (A,A), Abstract Algebra I (A) ,Discrete Mathematics (A),Numerical Analysis (A) Graph Theory (A) Introductory Statistics(A),Statistical Computation and Analysis(A), Ma
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