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  1. Undergrad Institution: Big State School (TOP 30 US news - Top 12 Statistics) Major(s): Double major, Statistics and Mathematics Minor(s): GPA: 3.9 Type of Student: International Asian Male GRE General Test: Only submitted to Rochester Q: 163 V: 154 W: 5.0 GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: n/a TOEFL Score: n/a Grad Institution: n/a Concentration: n/a GPA: n/a Programs Applying: Biostatistics and Operations Research Research Experience: 2.5 years of experience in multiple wet/ dry labs, but nothing impressive. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: P
  2. This is insanely hard for me to finalize my decision as I see this as a long-term investment. I saw both pros / cons of the 3 programs. Honestly, I'm more inclined to attend UW / Michigan (since I prefer their curriculum design), but Duke has better weather / cheaper tuition. I kept pondering that I may miss out the chance to attend higher-ranked PhD programs if I turn down Michigan /UW (more theoretical, better track of placement for PhD, etc.).
  3. Do you have any insights bout how well UW MS is regarded when re-applying for PhD?
  4. Hi every one, May I ask for some advice regarding which program to choose amongst the three? Duke gave me a big package (20k / year) and realistically is the cheapest option, but I want to pursue a PhD afterward. Michigan has an internal track, while UW, which I got into the thesis track, is a top-tier department that is hard to turn down. I have a feeling that the culture at UW is pretty competitive. Also, its curriculum seems to be the most theoretical (and harder), and I wonder if that may help to boost my profile if I do well. Overall, my friends reside near Duke, and as an internati
  5. Sadly also a no from me. I guess it takes longer for them this year . I hate this elongated session of stressful days.
  6. I emailed the program coodinator last week. He said the result was expected to come out around 24-25th, so I assume that we will hear back from them later today.
  7. Is there any one here who is familiar with the CMU's Computational biology program (MS)?
  8. How did you make your decision? Are you happy with where you are right now?
  9. Thank you for your response. I was accepted without any interview and have been sending emails to them to ask for more information about funding, but I keep receiving the same email. Hopefully there will be someone on this forum who has attended UT Houston that can chime in on this.
  10. Hi every one, Last month, I was accepted to the MSCB program at CMU. I reached out to the program co-ordinator, and he said that we are not allowed to take courses from other departments, which is not as flexible as I thought the program would be. Can any one please tell me about the strength of this program? I plan on applying to PhD in either Comp Biol / Biostatistics after finishing the master, and I am not sure if having CMU on my resume would create a good leverage to achieve such goals. I also really appreciate it f someone can speak for the job prospects after finishing the program
  11. Hi every one, I have just received an offer from UT Houston with no information on funding. It seems that the students need to secure their own funding after accepting the offer. Since this is my only acceptance so far, can any one please share your thoughts about this program in terms of prestige? Is this program strong enough for someone wanting to move into academia later on? It is located at Houston amidst a big medical center, hence I think its focus will likely be on clinical trials. The big cohort and the vague funding situation concern me a bit.
  12. Has any one else heard from Brown? I saw the acceptance on the survey site and I am very anxious.
  13. From my research, at U Minnesota, u actually can just start straight with the 800 PhD theory sequence instead of the 500 one. Although Minnesota does not have a separte Mathematical Statistics track, I think that one can take the honor analysis version + the reccomended coursework at Minnesota for PhD prep @possumvibes. Minnesota has long known to be a reputated program in the realm of Biostatistics, and the cost is not too different in relations to Duke's, hence make the decision slightly harder haha. NC does have amazing weather if you do want to take that into consideration. Thank yo
  14. I'm also facing similar issues with Duke, Minnesota, and Michigan. I receive the same scholarship as you with Duke @possumvibes, which put Duke's tuition 3-4k below Minnesota's. Michigan told me they are in active consideration for RA-ship and may waive my tuition if it is granted. It is so difficult to find feedback for Duke's program since most of the posts are like 8-9 years ago when the program is new. I think it's not too new any more, but I still find it hard to look up for placement profiles of the alumni.
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