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  1. With a caveat that I know that this is ultimately department-/university specific.... Is it common/accepted for PhD students to do summer internships? Right now, I'm thinking that I want to work in industry after finishing my PhD, so I'd like to get a head start by doing an internship every summer to better figure out what area I want to work in, what kind of work I want to do, build a professional network, etc. Would this raise eyebrows in your department?
  2. Got into UMass Amherst for the statistics PhD today, with guaranteed 5-year funding as well as first-year fellowship. That puts months of stress to an end, finally I'm officially going to grad school!
  3. I think the person who posted that was referring to someone on the Chinese-language forum that reported an acceptance at the beginning of the month. I haven't seen anything else about acceptances for the PhD program yet.
  4. Heard back from Harvard stat and Brown biostat today! Looks like those decisions are finally coming out. Now if only BU stat would come out soon...
  5. Got my UConn acceptance today!! They must win the record for fastest turnaround, I think that was within 2 weeks.
  6. Don't think so, I haven't heard back yet and there's nothing on the results page either.
  7. I'm applying to stat and biostat PhD programs. I double majored in math and economics in undergrad. Two of my letters of recommendation will be coming from math/statistics professors with whom I've both taken classes and worked for either as a TA or doing research, and I am confident that they will be strong letters. For my third recommendation, I have a trade-off I'd like some advice on. I can choose between: Economics professor who will write a glowing review about my analytical skills, but will not be able to speak to my quantitative skills Math professor who will write a good enough but not glowing review, but will be able to speak to my quantitative skills I know the latter is the more natural choice, but I'm hesitant to forsake a glowing review for just a solid one. Would I be shooting myself in the foot choosing one over the other?
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