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  1. If you are intent on going to a PhD program in stats, you may want to add some more safety schools to the list. Outside of UCLA, which I am less familiar with, I think all of those programs are quite selective. Edit: UCLA's grad admissions data shows their Stats PhD admission rate at around 10%.
  2. @PLessPoint05 11:59 pm in the timezone of the school, per this source
  3. I gotta disagree a bit here. There's two professors with joint appointments now (excluding Fox who is now at Stanford), one of which never is at the department and I think has a 0% appointment now, the other has like one CS student. Outside of that one professor, the interaction between the stat and cs departments is pretty non-existent. I don't believe there are any other active collaborations, seminar attendance is disjoint, and students in one department generally don't take courses in the other.
  4. If you think UCLA may give you an offer, you can ask the school you would otherwise commit to if you can have a few extra days extension in light of the situation.
  5. Congrats on your options! Very exciting! I seriously doubt anyone will care if your degree is an MS or an MA. If you are concerned about taking on PhD coursework while writing a thesis at Berkeley, I don't imagine that the experience will be different balancing PhD coursework while doing research at Stanford. In both locations it might be challenging as a masters student to find faculty willing to take you on; current or graduated students would be able to tell you more, or you could try reaching out to faculty you are interested in. I imagine it's a bit easier to get involved in research
  6. I think two of their current first years are Hispanic. Not that it makes the department diverse, but it appears to be a change from previous years.
  7. Some professors at Berkeley also have ties to MIT through FODSI which has been very active this year. I imagine these ties will get stronger over time with FODSI postdocs at Berkeley. This tie is probably not as strong as Harvard, but it's worth noting that it is there.
  8. Offers from Duke, Chicago, Berkeley, and Cornell were between 24-28k for 9 months with a 6k summer stipend, but UNC offered 18k for 9 months. I'll second the point about student fees. Another thing to think about is student health insurance, if you need it. Some schools cover all of it whereas some only cover a portion. The stipend can vary from month to month, however, depending on how you are funded, what your role is that semester (TA vs RA), and if there's been a break or not.
  9. Somehow I ended up with "statistics" to "statistic's" in my submitted personal statements and I don't think anyone noticed. As long as it's not something like a different school name or a whole bunch of grammatical mistakes, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  10. If OP is a stat major, they had to have at least taken Math 300, which is an intro to proofs class. Last I recalled there were two quarters of Real Analysis required for the major (Math 327 and 424), but they did some restructuring in the past year. I vaguely remember an email about letting students swap the second class for more linear algebra, but it looks like OP hasn't taken that either? You're right. Thinking about it more, my money is actually on this applied math degree (https://acms.washington.edu/data-sciences-and-statistics), not the Statistics: Data Science major, which woul
  11. The issue is at UW it is borderline impossible to get into upper-division math courses without being a math major, and graduate math courses are also seemingly off the table for most undergrads, except the ones who take the honors sequence. At minimum, you need to take Math 327 (was this not a requirement for the major?), then Math 424 (analysis II) and Math 425 (metric spaces) in Spring. These are about the only math courses available to you as a stat major, besides 491 (stochastic processes) which you don't have the background for right now. If you really wanted to push yourself, you could t
  12. Super late to the party Undergrad Institution: Public flagship, known for stats Major(s): Statistics and Mathematics Minor(s): Spanish GPA: 3.8 Type of Student: Domestic White Female GRE General Test: taken cold Q: 166 (89%) V: 164 (94%) W: 4.5 (57%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: AWFUL, only submitted to Stanford Programs Applying: Statistics PhD Research Experience: Assorted quarter-long projects + presentations not super related to stats during freshman/sophomore year Summer fellowship doing mathematical modeling at government institute, no publications
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