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  1. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I wanted to get your guys' opinion on this. I'm going to be a first year in a clinical psych doctoral program this fall and just wanted to see if having a laptop would be necessary for lab research - considering the portability. In undergrad and in my masters program I got away with just using my tablet in classes and my desktop at home. But, I'm assuming things are going to be a lot different. I don't want to spend money on a laptop if I don't need to, but at the same time, I don't want to regret not getting one if I do absolutel
  2. School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Accepted Type of Notification: Phone call from PI Date Notified: 2/22 DM for POI: Yes I have accepted the offer ;v;
  3. This PI might be changing their research interests to your field of interest! You don't know until you talk with them
  4. Hi Guys!I haven't been on in a while (life got super busy vbidrgo) but I have gotten two interview invites so far! I'm very excited about them and am looking forward to meeting the faculty, grad students, and staff.I just have a quick question and am looking for some advice? One of the PI's emailed me personally to extend the interview invite after I got the official invite, and she also told me that she would be happy to talk with me over the phone before interview day to answer any questions I may have and to help me learn more about the program and her lab. I'm guessing that it would be a r
  5. Hi everyone!! Has anyone heard from the University of Florida's counseling department? I read that that people received rejection letters today from U of F, but I think it was just the clinical track people Thanks!
  6. HI everyone! I got an email letting me know that I'm not invited to second round, but, I was also told that they were impressed with my application and interview, think I'm a strong candidate, and that I'm still being considered for admission. I thought that only people who get invited to second round are offered admission because second round is their interview day? How do you think I should interpret this? Is there a hidden waitlist or something, or was this just a super nice rejection? 😂 Congratulations to everyone that heard back and were offered a second round invitation! I'm super
  7. I am so sorry! Oh no! The last thing I wanna do is that!!! I haven't heard anything about Ohio yet! Best of luck!!
  8. I finished my first round interview with UC Santa Barbara today (yay!) and was told that we would all be hearing back on Friday regarding who's invited to the second round!
  9. I finished my first round interview with UC Santa Barbara today (yay!) and I just received my first interview day invite just a little while ago for OSU (Oklahoma not Ohio)! I am so hyped and excited!
  10. School: Oklahoma State University Type: Counseling PhD Date of invite: December 15 Type of invite: Email from the Director of the program Interview date(s): There are 5 blocks to choose from (basically different days and time chunks) for the end of January and beginning of February DM for POI: Yes
  11. Thanks! I'm having mine tomorrow and am looking forward to it! I'm excited now, but tomorrow is probably when the anxiety is going to set in, haha!
  12. University of Florida and UC Santa Barbara (both counseling phd departments) are really good in this line of research. Have you considered counseling psychology?
  13. does anyone know how much funding students at UCSB get? 👀 I applied to counseling, but I'm sure clinical and school get the same amount
  14. Hi everyone! I noticed on the results page that things are starting to not be okay? I know that this is an anxious time for all of us as we wait to hear back from programs during a year that is so stressful for so many reasons. However, you cannot force someone to disclose who their POI is. Especially after they have said that they do not want to disclose. Attacking people for not disclosing does not only hurt the individual you are speaking to, but it also hurts the community as a whole. This site has wonderful communities of supportive prospective and admitted graduate students among diff
  15. I just want so spread some love and support to everyone right now 💜 If you haven't gotten any emails or phone calls yet, just remember that this application cycle is super unique for so many different reasons. Professors and departments are going to take longer to go through peoples applications, so interview invites will most likely be delayed this cycle in comparison to previous years. We've all worked so hard during such a turbulent year and the fact that you have even applied just shows how resilient you are. Eat some snacks, binge watch that show you love, and remember to take naps when y
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