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  1. This professor from the University of Florida (deadline 11/15) said they’ve had 2x their normal amount.
  2. Hey y'all, good luck! Rooting for everyone. I'm applying next cycle and it's so awesome too see everyone excited about submitting their applications... ahh! Good luck!!
  3. Not applying this cycle, but I am going to submit a 15 page research paper that I did for a psych class!
  4. A few schools off the top of my head that are waiving it for next year are UF & Stony Brook. Not sure about others. Personally, I think they should be waived next year too... and every year after that.
  5. No... your scores are fine... unless you completely bomb the AWA, I wouldn’t retake it.
  6. Sigh... I have decided to wait another year to apply so I can get more research experience (just got a research coordinator job) and because I'm in progress to publish a paper within the next year. I feel like it'll make me more competitive than if I was to apply this cycle. Good luck everyone!!!! I am rooting for you all!! ❤️
  7. All of the advice I have been given about applying to Clinical PhD's was to never geographically restrict yourself. I think you have a good chance with your GPA and research experience, but you need to find a mentor that is a really good fit with your research interests. Plus, admissions is a crapshoot anyways. But if you can, try to apply to schools all over the country... geographically restricting yourself to one area isn't a good idea.
  8. Geez, you’re right, I just saw their website. Another one bites the dust. This is awful
  9. Woah, that’s wild, considering they didn’t take a clinical cohort last year either.
  10. Yeah, I don't think that would be wise. If schools say that they're GRE-blind, they don't want your scores to influence their decision at all. However, most schools who are waiving them are giving students the option to send them or not - check the program websites to see if they are GRE-blind, or GRE optional.
  11. I’ve personally seen a lot of PI’s say on twitter that they’re taking students this cycle, so I think you’re fine to apply!! Keep checking the program websites for updates.
  12. UPenn’s entire school for arts and sciences just announced that they are not taking any school-funded PhD students for the 2021-2022 academic year. Does anyone know if this includes their clinical program?
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