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  1. No problem! A lot of schools on this list have stated that they won't even look at scores - which, imo, is how it should be.
  2. The University of Maryland has stated that they expect to admit a smaller class size than usual for this cohort.
  3. TONS of schools are waiving the GRE this cycle. I’m not even going to submit my scores. Try not to be too nervous about it, because I’ve seen programs accept students that score on the lower side. It’s all about fit, personal statement, and research experience. Good luck though ♥️
  4. I agree... I think there could be danger, but like you said, UC Irvine is definitely one of those schools that would meet APA requirements. I guess it depends on what students are willing to take the risk - I'm curious to know how many applicants they'll get this year. Regardless, I'm so excited a new clinical psych program has been formed!!!
  5. Gotcha, thanks for the explanation! So if students started in the program next fall and they are accredited on contingency, they’d graduate from a fully accredited program even though it wasn’t accredited when they started?
  6. Wow that's awesome! I wonder how APA accreditation works for brand new programs. So exciting!!
  7. Faculty from UC Irvine have announced a brand new clinical psychology program, accepting students for Fall 2021!
  8. More programs are going GRE optional day by day! UMich, Duke, Drexel, Loyola Chicago, etc. Crazy.
  9. Yeah, I'm looking everywhere! Universities, hospitals, etc. Hopefully something pops up soon. My interest is in neuropsychology.
  10. It sucks beyond belief. I applied to so many lab jobs pre-covid and now they're either not hiring, or not funded. Ugh.
  11. Yeah.... all I know right now is that some sociology programs and one of Harvard's doctoral programs have said outright that they cannot take students this fall. I feel bad for the applicants who wanted to apply to those schools.
  12. I've heard a lot of funding got slashed in the USA. I tried to apply to a research coordinator position at a university, but a friend who went to that university said the funding stopped because of COVID. I'm having a lot of trouble finding research positions right now. It sucks.
  13. Hi all, I figured I should start a thread just in case anyone has any information now or in the coming weeks. With some doctoral programs not taking a 2021 cohort, have any clinical/counseling/school psychology programs announced their refusal to take students? Does anyone have any insider knowledge?
  14. I'm in America. I reached out to a PI waaaay too early (like a month ago) with no response because her research focus aligns perfectly with mine. I wonder if I should reach out again in August.
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