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  1. Hi all, Figured I’d start a thread for this years cycle. Everyone excited to apply? Nervous? I for one am really looking forward to applying. Still cutting down on my list of schools every day, as different websites are updating which PIs are taking student this cycle. Let’s help each other!
  2. Lots. UNC Chapel Hill, University of Arizona, University of Florida, Stony Brook, UCLA, etc, etc. There’s a spreadsheet floating around somewhere that has a list, I think EDIT: found it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f6ZyVGn-opa_ijRyntHxfJJkaSNya4h-bwEDeDGInv4/edit#gid=798418227
  3. This 10000%. I was thinking that I can’t be the only one who thinks that it’s incredibly rude to tell people to accept or decline their offer ASAP because they’re on a waiting list. I understand that some schools are top choices and it’s frustrating when you’re placed on a waitlist, but pressuring people to make decisions helps no one. Be kind.
  4. Someone posted in the acceptances thread that they were just pulled off the waitlist yesterday and accepted.
  5. Here’s some good progress - I was browsing clinical psych PhD program websites and saw that the university of Arizona already waived the GRE for this upcoming cycle. Hoping other programs follow suit. “GRE - Due to COVID-19 considerations, GRE scores and GRE subject scores are not required for the Fall 2021 application, and will not be considered in our selection process (Updated 02/23/2021)” https://psychology.arizona.edu/academics/apply-graduate-program Anyone know any other programs besides UF and SBU that are participating in the GRE removal this upcoming cycle?
  6. Someone in the Slack group was accepted from UCCS; not sure which track.
  7. I’m sorry 😕 there are so many qualified applicants that get screwed over in this process. I think this year, a make or break factor was that some PIs were looking for applicants who had direct research experience in their field rather than those who didn’t. It’s not the most fair thing, because it’s really difficult for applicants to get direct experience. I’ve heard this ring true for a lot of different applicants; this can be a make-or-break type of thing. I’m super nervous to apply next cycle 😕
  8. Hi - if the posters who got accepted to University of Florida’s clinical program see this, would you mind DM’ing me your PI initials? I’m applying there next cycle and would love to know if it’s the same PI. Thank you
  9. If the UAB poster sees this, would you mind DM’ing me your POI initials? I’m applying to UAB next cycle and I’d love to know if it’s the same PI. Thank you
  10. Can you please DM me the school name? Want to make sure I go nowhere near this program. Thx
  11. Someone from the slack group heard back that they were accepted.
  12. Hi all, I figured a separate thread like this would be helpful in case anyone would like to know the timelines for programs sending acceptances/waitlists/rejections. We can follow the similar format of the Interview Invites thread, as follows: School: Type: (PhD/PsyD; Clinical/Counseling) Track: (Child, Adult, General, etc.) Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Type of Notification: Email from POI, phone call, etc. Date Notified: DM for POI: Yes/No Be kind, and respect those who might not want to share their PI initials. Good luck everyone!
  13. I don’t think you’re being rude! I just wish that more faculty would take into consideration the barriers that the clinical psych application has (maybe even try to fix them?). I just personally am dumbfounded when I see people with good experience, coupled with passion and drive, get rejected from programs that are a good fit. It’s definitely not an easy path by any means, and I really don’t know how we can fix it without more funding. Of course, we can actually start to look holistically at applicants, and the removal of the GRE this cycle was a good first start. It also doesn’t help when pe
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