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  1. I didn't apply this cycle to any PhD social work programs. I did apply to a dev. psych program and received an interview. Historically, I have applied to UA. They do not interview and they typically decide (later) into the cycle for those who applied. They accept 4-6 students each cycle. They are responsive to emails and updates.
  2. I just heard from their Developmental Psych program over the weekend for interviews this week. I have never heard this late in the cycle so I had assumed an invitation wouldn't be extended. It was on 2/4/23 at like 4 pm
  3. I am located in Alabama so it might be different. However, we are not allowed to do this. We also can not be hired as a contract employee but rather must be FT or PT but on a W2.
  4. I won't reapply. I believe that I won't be accepted. I have a 4.0, Master's scholar, worked on a IRB study in psych lab, two major presentations, etc. I believe they view me as incompatible with the program broadly. I am limited in terms of where I can apply, but I believe changing disciplines might help to either developmental psych or sociology.
  5. I received an email Saturday as an official rejection. The most challenging part, for myself, is that as of now, this school is the most accessible. I am unable to move. In addition, I have been teaching at this institution so I feel the rejection more personally rather than distancing myself from it slightly. I hope each of you had more success!!!
  6. Washington. Yes I think rankings are extremely subjective. I do believe that it creates interest. Many candidates look/consider based on rankings rather than goodness of fit. For myself, the only consideration has been location, as I cannot move my family.
  7. Congrats!!! So happy for you! What are you interested in/area of focus? This is awesome!!
  8. It is great for the program, rankings add a lot of value. I mentor a student at UW and their program is always highly ranked, but I feel the programs are very comparable.
  9. Social work jobs are notorious for labor exploitation and underpaying. They will get as much for as little comparatively to other industries. If they won't let the conversation go unanswered I would give a 10k range. Quickly looking at a few jobs, it appears to be anywhere from 63,000-78,000 for Chicago in medical social work. If during the interview I couldn't avoid I would say my range is 68-80k and see where they take it. Sometimes they will respond with they are within the range, outside the range, or cannot make it happen. Things to consider: paid supervision, raise after 90 days, PTO (hospital settings this is hard, the newest salaried person normally has to work holidays), training, work from home/hybrid work, flex schedule...
  10. Curious where everyone is going for those that have heard. I applied to one school and haven't heard. (Applications closed 2/2). I am certain an offer will not be extended but I am interested in celebrating others! Who has good news?!
  11. Did anyone apply to the University of Alabama and/or has heard back re:application? I hope everyone is doing well!
  12. Absolutely, and I agree. Admitting to discrimination is one thing, but being able to prove discrimination is another. I had another conversation with someone else in the program that I have a more personal relationship with and they indicated multiple practices of discrimination in various areas etc.
  13. I was also told by a program administrative that a specific program had "issues" with a few within a cohort with mental illness and that it had been "disruptive" to the program as a whole. Since those admissions the program has responded differently to self-disclosure and have not accepted students who do so. This is for one specific program so I do not know how it translates to other programs.
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