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  1. Hunter. Unless NYU/Columbia are offering aid to make it comparable. Don’t take on the debt. Hunter is a fantastic problem.
  2. I would aim for instate tuition whenever possible. There are a few programs that offer online students instate tuition regardless of where they live. I believe Bama and Ohio State? Both tier one respected programs. Brand name schools *can* be worth the price tag when they offer scholarships/stipends and if you plan on living in that area during and after graduation. For example, no one is going to care if you went to Columbia (and racked up 90K in debt) if you enter the job market in Los Angeles, where the local Cal States, UCLA, USC already have the networking advantage. Less debt = smartest choice.
  3. Which UW? Wisconsin or Washington?Honestly, the US News & World Report rankings for social work have some questionable methodology… it’s a a subjective peer survey with a 50% response rate. People should choose programs that with curriculums that appeal to them. Also factor in price, location, networking…. But US News & World Report should hopefully never be the key determine factor. If anything, people pay attention to the national (undergrad) rankings of the institution as a whole.
  4. I feel like Bama is always an enigma and a coveted prize. You really can’t beat the price tag, it’s tier 1, small cohort, and they’re also now #28th on US News & World Report SW rankings and only going up! Roll Tide and good luck! ❤️?
  5. Heads up: Sounds like Buffalo sent out acceptance notifications at the end of last week.
  6. I feel like I vaguely remember from last year’s chat that they send out any rejections quickly. So hopefully no news is good news. ???
  7. Happy to see more faces! You’re not alone. The wait is maddening. The inability to resist refreshing the portal is real - followed by the paranoia of, wait, do they track this? Lol. Best wishes and good luck to everyone ❤️
  8. I think their plan is to keep it that way. But maybe they changed their mind after Covid.
  9. Hi! Tulane tends to review in clusters. They gather aps, filter who meets basic qualifications, and then their main staff (smaller group) review. I know it’s been busy because our program director is working really hard on piloting accreditation and all the reports, etc that go into that. They did just hire an assistant program director, but that was a few weeks ago. Did you apply for Fall? It’s usually 6-8 weeks (per word of mouth). But it really depends on # of applications. Good luck! ??
  10. I would do more research and not necessarily decline either of those programs because of a single comment of a friend of a friend on an anonymous forum. They’re both great programs. Every program has occasional hiccups and outliers. Reach out to alumni and current students. Best of luck!
  11. I’m really happy with Tulane! It’s more work than I anticipated but it’s manageable. I have had a lot of late nights spent reading and writing. I’m pretty good at time management and I feel like it’s just at the level I can handle. Classmates are very supportive and it’s great getting to know them and their research interests! One perk I wasn’t expecting is that summer semester is condensed, May - Mid July, which gives you a mini summer break.
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