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  1. This all sounds wild to me! I dont' think that my classmates and I could have found a single time that worked for us without the school giving us a required time. Thank you for passing this along!
  2. My non-Virginia knowledge says that it would need to be under an LCSW's LLC, not your own. The workaround I have heard people try to do is to start an LLC, then hire an LCSW on to your staff as an employee, and gain supervision that way. But you will run into problems with getting the licensing board to accept hours that are signed off on by a paid subordinate of your company, just like paying for independent supervision, as you can’t pay for someone to sign off on your hours. When I was getting my hours I heard every creative way to get around working for someone people could come up with, but not a single person did. I don’t want to burst your bubble, and I would be interested in knowing about anything you come up with as the whole fee-for-service model is quite bad for LMSW’s, but I think there are several reasons that people do not generally get an independent supervisor or start their own business. Maybe a third party LCSW starting a new LLC that a few LMSW join together with some bargaining power at the start up would work together to build it so you can work out a pay scale and keep clients post completion of your hours etc. It would teach you how to do it all and improve your standing, but it wouldn’t be your own business.
  3. So my 2 cents, of course without knowing the average rate of out of pocket or local licensing requirements in your area or anything like that. Is if your primary goal is retirement (stop working) when you qualify for Medicare (65 I assume) and you're probably looking at a minimum of 5 years to get fully licensed (2 yrs MSW, 3 yrs supervised as LMSW or equivalent) and applying for next cycle (fall 2024) you're probably going to be around 57 when you can see clients privately. If I'm understanding you correctly, then I would say that most likely a 35k dollar MSW investment to see private clients IS going to be worth it, based on the concept that it will only require you to see a few clients (even with insurance that could be as few as 2 sessions per week, but let us say 3 sessions to account for cancelations, scheduling and holidays etc. to earn 5k+ per year) and you will cover your costs for the MSW with a year to spare. If you would potentially want to continue to see clients, say as an enjoyable thing to do post “retirement”, then I would say it’s completely worth it, and you would be in control of how much or how little work you do, when you take time off, and add additional funds to your retirement as you go. I would not recommend getting a 65k MSW if you can get a 35k MSW. I say that as someone who went to NYU and USC. The perks I see as most valuable are based on being in a large supportive network and granting you access to name recognition when applying for a job, teaching, writing a book, etc. for the long-haul. Not things of concern when retiring and enjoying being a therapist on the side. Hope this helps your process! E.
  4. LOL, yeah, there is an unfortunately small amount of chatter this year. That's fantastic that you can have so much of it payed for by work, I would have prioritized NYU if that was an option for me too. *I'm adding this in after writing too much, this is a total ramble, but I don't want to cut it down on the chance that some of it is useful to you, please ask questions if you want specifics, as this ended up all over the place* I will start by saying that I really enjoyed NYU for their masters program. I went in knowing that it was largely clinical and it fit well with what I had done in the past and what I thought I wanted s the best program I have come across still for my long term goals. I preferred the well rounded single focus of NYU and from the few people I have talked to in/around the DSW it is similar to the MSW in that way, although not as smoothly functioning (I was looking in the first year of the DSW so I'm way out of date) and it sounded like they were quickly teaching the classes they took as MSW students as part of their learning, and it took a lot out of them. USC on the other hand has been around longer (or at least they started before I looked at them), but keeps changing. In my time they went from a 2 year, 6 semester program where you're building the final product starting in semester 1 all the way though, to 2 different tracks, both longer, and both with a full year just on your capstone after all your core curriculum is complete. Because I took time off I ended up in the second option, and probably the better option. Because of it the new set up is being tested on us as they learn what the program needs, kinda the opposite of what I liked about NYU. USC also does not engage policy with specific curriculum, nor racism, but is centered around the 13 grand challenges and programmatic/leadership level solutions, right where policy and racism are needed to be addressed. A small point, USC also admits more degrees than just MSW's, and that comes with good and not so good. I for one did not appreciate paying for a doctoral course to get non MSW's caught up on things I learned getting my MSW... the wider range of views is good though. NYU was quicker to incorporate current things in the socio-political landscape and the program seems like it is moving even more in that direction (my partner just graduated from Silver as well, and the new leadership seems to be even more on it). For me I would probably have come back to NYU because I knew it, and I've been a clinician for so many years it would strengthen what I do and put me in position for next level opportunities. But again, I wanted to change systematic problems, and I felt like NYU wouldn't give me a clear path to do that. I have some mixed emotions around USC, but I really have learned a lot and have the ability to build, understand and run programs, but it has been frustrating at times getting there. This all sounds like a lot of nothing to me, so I'll say that NYU feels like more of the traditional doctorate and USC more of a leadership program that ends with a doctorate. USC also has a lot more ra ra ra, go team, but that could just be me as I had never gone to a university with a football team before. It's probably very normal, but it feels, I don't know this expresses it well, but like NYU is "more academic"? or something? maybe you get what I'm saying. If I could pull together my USC doctorate at NYU for the experience and smoother running, and changing program, that would probably be my ideal school. Oh, and with Bama pricing! ? for what it is worth, I also did have an old advisor who said people told them not to go to NYU for the DSW, but wouldn't expand on why... or I didn't ask? you weren't there, and I don't remember, so let's just say it was so dismissible to me that I let it skip right out of my mind. Really, I'm not sure you can get something better at the price you are looking at with work helping out.
  5. @All4FooFighters started a 2023 thread if anyone wants to jump over there!
  6. How did your application cycle go? ... how is it going? I can't remember the timeline on these things anymore, but I wanna help give this tread some boost! Did you look anywhere else? I know UPenn is always a popular one, and they are said to like taking people from the NE and clinically minded... say, someone who went to NYU for grad school.
  7. https://usc.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cC8l7tKCuFH7nkq Hi everyone! Thank you for taking a moment to read this, and I hope, respond to my survey. I have posted this in research as well, but I wanted to specifically ask social workers for their thoughts as we have a unique and thoughtful view on society and youth. Quick background for you, I am a social worker/doctoral student focused on developing new supports for non-college-bound diverse youth to have more productive and healthy lives. Currently, I am gathering information from everyone who has a thoughtful view of young people and their outcomes. The attached survey is to better understand the population's needs through the perspectives of those in their communities and holding positions critical to their futures, people who decided to attend college, work in helping or educational fields, and of course the youth themselves. I understand finding time can be difficult, so if you don't have time yourself (I hope you do) please consider passing the survey on to others, it would be a great benefit as getting more voices of staff, students, past students, parents, teachers, leadership, community, etc. would always be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your time and consideration. Survey link: https://usc.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cC8l7tKCuFH7nkq?Q_CHL=qr
  8. Hi Everyone! Did NYU ever get back to people? Also, I've been gone working on this school thing myself. If you can find a few minutes to fill out my survey, some social work voices would be wonderful to have!!! https://usc.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cC8l7tKCuFH7nkq I attached the post I made as well. If you know anyone who would be willing to lend their thoughts, please pass it along, I would be very thankful!!
  9. A if you have exhausted the unsubsidized grad loans a grad plus loan will still cover costs if you need the aid. I believe the first is guaranteed to a limit and the second (plus loan) is based on your credit... maybe someone can confirm or correct anything that I'm potentially off on.
  10. it just hit me, you all could be meeting each other soon! I wonder what it's like to find out who the people are on the other side of the forum names. or know you're in a room with them but not know who they are... ?
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