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  1. I don't believe the American Dream is over. It's a free friggin' country. No one made you attend graduate school and/or experience a "dismal" job market. That was your choice. Yeah it would be nice to land a tenure track job at a great University but you make your own decisions on this. You can do and be what you want. You can dye your hair, wear nose rings and have lots of tattoos. You can wear docs or birks or dance the mambo.... whatever...... The whole idea of "The American dream" is still alive in my humble humble opinion.... and I emphasize humble, not humbolt.... what have your been sm
  2. Does anyone have any information about the MA/PhD in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University? I have reviewed their online information and I like what I have read about the program, just wondering if anyone here had any thoughts?
  3. I think this is a very interesting topic. I have begun to research queer theory and sociology and would be interested to learn more about graduate programs and or professors in this area. While I am not opposed to statistics, I would prefer not to take any more than one such class in graduate school. I have been researching programs and many require two or three statistics classes. So, anyway what types of authors and articles would you suggest reading? I just bought a book called Queer Theory/Sociology that addresses some of this.
  4. Yeah, it is a question I am personally reviewing. I don’t really understand what your link is about. I don’t need help writing a paper at this time. Thank you for responding as I wanted to post this in a sociology grad forum. I pretty much have decided to apply to a ma program where I can work full time and go to school part time due to family obligations I have.
  5. So what types of statistical knowledge is recommended for research careers? I qualify for state jobs now as a research analyst, but need to work up my skills to pass the written portion of the application/interview as I have interviewed in the past a few years ago. I would be interested in knowing what you did for the federal government as well- thanks for responding.
  6. I have wanted to pursue a Master's in Sociology to see if I would eventually get a PhD. I already have a Master's degree in Public Affairs and work at a non-profit. I have looked at the various schools I am interested in to see what kind of jobs that PhD's have been getting and it seems that many students at the MA and PhD level are working in government and non-profits in various roles. These roles really don't require a PhD in my opinion. So I have been tossing around various ideas in my head about pursuing a MA. I am also an older student. At 49 years of age I may bee to "old" to do anythi
  7. I am seeking programs that aren't focused on statistics. Any good suggestions for programs that focus more on historical and qualitative methods? So far I like what I have seen in the curriculum in the New School and Binghampton University. My ultimate goal is to get a PhD, but masters programs are ok as well with me. My interests include political sociology, gender and theory (modern, postmodern and queer). If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know and thank you! - Jules
  8. I am sure they do. I don't know the details of why they are closing the program. I'm not in the program. Thanks
  9. I live in Missouri and found out that The University of Missouri is no longer going to have a PhD program in Sociology. Probably not on the radar for many on this forum but concerning.
  10. Thoughts on the Lindenwood program? https://www.lindenwood.edu/academics/academic-schools/school-of-humanities/our-programs/master-of-fine-arts-in-writing/ It is fully online at a good price. Also you don't have to declare an emphasis.
  11. What I find Ironic is that some of the schools of social work charge "alot" for tuition, but for clinical social work MSW they are all about the same classes for the most part. I don't know much about scholarships but I question paying for an expensive option verses an in-state school. It seems to be all about "billing" for work done when a person gets their LCSW. I am interested in getting a MSW but am probably going to have to work the whole time I get it. I have a year of experience in the field and question my own "privilege" every day I get another person wanting something for nothing. S
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