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  1. There are also a few funded masters programs that serve as pretty good pipelines to PhDs. Wake Forest is probably the biggest one, but I think Villanova and William and Mary also provide funding. If you search this forum, there have been people discussing them in past threads. Those are the 3 I remember off the top of my head.
  2. Yeah, I'm in the middle of my 3rd year, and I think I'm where I needed to be. I've had some amazing practicum experiences and research opportunities. My cohort is fantastic. And honestly, looking back with the knowledge I have now, I don't think I would have been as happy in my initial 1st choice as I am now. I'm also in an incredibly large metro area in the northeast and the opportunities I've had here just aren't possible in the more rural area my original top choice was in.
  3. So this is going to be different for different people. When I applied, the only offer I got was from a partially funded program at an inexpensive state school with a good research match (and coincidentally driving distance from my apartment). I opted to take it. My funding is tied to adjuncting because I have an MA-I get 6 credits free plus the adjunct rate for teaching, which is equal to about the cost of the other 6 credits (we take 12 credits every semester the first few years and then 9 towards the end). I am fortunate enough to have a spouse who works and makes enough to cover our living
  4. I didn't apply there, but I know a few people who go/have gone/have interviewed there. While the people I know are sweet as pie, I've heard from several people that the program fosters a pretty competitive environment, like every man for himself vs working together and helping each other out. Some people like that type of environment, and others don't. As I said, this is just what I have heard from several people, including licensed graduates who have served as supervisors to me in practicum.
  5. Well Alliant has shut down, so I don't think that's even an option. But yeah, if you a have a pulse and the ability to take out hundreds of thousands in student loans, a sub-par education can be yours for the low low price of $200,000 in grad school debt!
  6. Yeah, northeast schools, especially with a forensic bent are going to 100% expect a full suit.
  7. Regarding the bolded, they mentioned that clinical wasn't involved in the interview. Clinical psych is usually much more formal than other subfields and departments, so that may be the discrepancy. Also, east coast seems to be more formal than west coast. I'm on the east coast, and we expect people dressed in appropriate full business attire: you cannot go wrong with a suit-men or women.
  8. I didn't take it that way! Just wanted to respond to the initial inquiry. The results page gets horribly spammed every year. And where there's a group of anxious people on the internet, there will always be trolls. Anonymity=greater opportunity for chaos. This is a stressful time, but I urge all of you to focus on your self-care skills. It's a tough process. Clincial psych PhDs have an average 11% acceptance rate. It is tough. Getting in is sometimes more about luck than anything else. For every qualified and capable applicant who was accepted, there are plenty of equally qualified
  9. There are only so many mods, and while I don't mod the results page, just the forums, I can tell you we try our hardest to clear everything, but we're all unpaid volunteers who do the best we can. You can report posts on the results page as spam, which will make it easier for mods to see those posts.
  10. I would imagine your lack of research experience is more likely the culprit rather than your age.
  11. I think it would depend on the program specifically, but I worked full time hours at a part-time job while in my MA. I had 0 free time between work, classes, and homework, but I was able to do everything and get good grades.
  12. Trolls gonna troll. It happens every year. Some people are just sad like that.
  13. It's highly unlikely, but if you get accepted, you can ways ask. I would maybe see what their transfer policies are in the nursing program in general.
  14. 1. Make sure you are prepared to discuss anything that's on your CV, especially any posters/presentations. So if you've got something that you presented a few years ago, make sure you refresh your memory. 2. Be familiar with the current work your POI has put out in recent years. Make sure you have a pitch on what you can bring to their lab. Maybe have an idea or 2 for potential projects, just in case they ask. Why does their work interest you? What skills do you bring to the table? 3. Be familiar with various aspects of the program overall. Have a good response if/when they ask why
  15. Do you have Zoom meetings for that program all day? I would honestly reach out to whoever and ask about flexibility. Chances are, they probably didn't realize that you are in a different time zone.
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