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  1. I do have research experience since I have done multiple research papers within the Psychology courses and English courses I have taken. I have not a 'thesis' per say since I was only a psych minor. I do want to be a Research Assistant eventually, but based off my research, requirements fell into needing a Bachelor's Degree (Which I wont have until January 2022). I am applying to some Ivy PhD programs because the faculty does conduct the research I am interested in, along the lines of Cognitive, etc., since I want to focus on Global Health and Mental Trauma. I do not mind if I go into a
  2. I am about to receive my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications concentration in Journalism, with a minor in Psychology. I have decided that I want to apply to Grad School for both Masters and PhD programs for Clinical Psychology. I am applying to a few ivies such as Columbia, Harvard, UPenn and Cornell. Based off my credentials, would I have a shot at being accepted? I believe I am but I feel like this platform would know better and of course having faith. I do have work experience in the medical field aspect working with the NJDOH for COVID vaccinations and will be starting a n
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