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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Oh yeah, that year off will definitely help then since I don't have any publications yet (although I'm collecting data for a potential paper now but def need more). How many publications/presentations would be good enough for a MA grad applying to PhD? Also, I was wondering since I would have my MA when applying, would that shave off like 2 years from a PhD program? Since I heard that the first 2 years actually are en route to getting an MA within the program.
  2. Thank you! Yes, I'll definitely make that my goal/
  3. Hi y'all! Love all the advice in this forum. I'm currently finishing up my MA in Psychology in Spring 2020. I have decided to take a year off between my MA and starting my Clinical Psychology PhD. So I'll be applying for and starting my PhD in Fall 2021. Is this a good idea? Any thought/advice/tips on what should I do in the year to amp up my PhD application? Background: BS in Biomedical Engineering Current: MA in Psychology, RA in 3 labs on campus, 1 poster presented on campus, no publications yet... Thanks!
  4. Thank you so much! That helps a lot in defining it and I'm going to apply to similar places
  5. How do you define 'clinical experience' when applying to Clinical PhD programs? Really struggling with explaining this to potential places where I could maybe volunteer.
  6. For sure, I just asked almost every faculty in my department if they had an opening. I had to pursue some for a long time before they said yes lol. So just keep asking your faculty, you never know who might have an opening!
  7. Thank you so much! Makes sense, I'm definitely focusing more on the RA aspect then as I'm currently an RA for 3 labs. Also, the ideas about personal statement are really helpful, going to work on them stat!
  8. Hey y'all!! I'll be applying for Fall 2020 as well! I'm currently a MA Psychology student, taking the program to show my commitment, boost scores, and get the prereqs done. Just had some questions for Clinical Psychology PhD programs though: 1. Do I really need to take Abnormal Psychology? I never got a chance to take it during undergrad (my major was biomedical engineering) and now my masters does not have a graduate course for it. How important is taking that? Cause I have taken the bulk of prereqs (intro, social, personality, research methods, stats, etc). 2. Does having (or not having) TA experience really affect your application? I'm going to take graduate Teaching of Psychology course this summer but never got a chance to TA yet. Should I TA or focus on other things? 3. Any tips for newbie applicants (like me) that I should look out for? Thank you!!!
  9. Hello! Anyone applied (or admitted, or a student) at University of South Florida - Saint Petersburg campus for their MA in Psychology program? I'd like to know more about their admissions process, acceptance rates and how is the program itself? Any help would be really appreciated as I'm currently preparing all the materials before their March 1st deadline. Thank you!!
  10. This is awesome, thank you so much for sharing it!!!
  11. That's really cool! I think about the latter a lot too, how would we select astronauts initially and then how will they flourish a new era of civilization. Nice to meet ya here lol
  12. This is a totally out of reach post (lol) but anyone here interested in space psychology? I.e. how do, or would, astronauts live in space and what will happen to their minds psychologically on a long term space mission? Would love to connect with like minded folks with similar interests!
  13. Interesting, have you found any suitable Masters programs in Clinical Psych yet?
  14. Thanks everyone! Would you know if any of these are 1 year terminal MA programs?
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