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  1. Maybe not. Because I emailed my POI today asking if TC interview invites were sent out and he said yes... oh well.
  2. I second this, please! Was it a mass email or more like an email from a specific PI? Thank you!
  3. Here's how I used it. Hope this helps! Dear Dr. ______, I hope the new year is treating you well! In applying for the ________'s Clinical Psychology PhD program this fall 2021, I listed you as a strong mentor fit. I understand the interview selection is considerably underway, and certain faculty already finalized their candidate list. However, because others have not yet extended all invitations, I heard from the department that applications are still being reviewed. With this is mind I am wondering - have all interviews been extended from your side? I would really appreciate your updat
  4. Hi there! So I got a little impatient and emailed the PI I applied to at George Mason using one of the email templates posted here (thanks for that!). This is what they said: "While we have extended invitations for interviews, we have not made all of our final decisions as of yet. You will receive definitive word within the next few weeks. I am sorry not to be able to end the waiting sooner – I know it is a grueling process. We will get back to you as soon as we can." Does this mean that I'm waitlisted even though all the interviews have gone out? Also, I hope this helps as an
  5. Same, haven't heard back from them yet... here's hoping for the best!
  6. Hey there! I see that you've also applied to George Mason, have you heard back from them yet? And I feel you about program fit, although I'm not researching self-harm, I'd have a tough time finding programs researching resilience.
  7. Oh hot damn... well, now we can just hope for the other applications...
  8. I don't think so, I did the same today for Fordham. At worst, you won't hear back from them but at least you won't regret not trying.
  9. Thank you, I checked and it seems so. I don't know whether they mass emailed or are still extending invites though...
  10. Has anyone heard from George Mason University (GMU) yet?
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