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  1. I also haven't heard back yet, but am curious to know if anyone has!
  2. You're welcome! Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but it was a good learning experience that's for sure. She asked about my thoughts on diversity, ethics in research (particularly regarding genetics), my ideal lab environment, and research interests. And then at the very end, she asked "What's something I wouldn't know about you from your personal statement or CV that you would like me to know?" And honestly, I wasn't expecting a question like that and wasn't sure how to answer it, so maybe that's useful for you or other people to have that in the back of your mind!
  3. I really was not ready for how stressful it would be AFTER submitting applications. This is my first cycle, and I've heard from one program (UMD College Park- had prelim, but not invited to formal interviews) but have not heard anything from anywhere else. I applied only to 6 programs all in the DC area or nearby so I'm sure that's a limitation, but wow I never would have guessed how overwhelming this gets. Good luck to everyone else out there! I'm new to gradcafe, but it's nice to have somewhere to talk to people who understand this whole process.
  4. Hi, I had a preliminary interview with AG in December, but was not invited to formal interviews- she contacted me within a week after the interview to let me know. I'm not sure if everyone has been contacted yet, but just sharing my experience! Good luck!
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