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  1. Hey everyone, I applied last cycle and got 1 interview which ultimately ended up being a rejection. My biggest takeaways were that 1) I need more publications and 2) My personal statement needs work. Does anyone have any tips for revising their personal statement from cycle to cycle? How do most of you guys start your statements? Any advice would be appreciated, especially from people who got in last cycle (props to you guys!)
  2. I plan on applying again this year and really broadening my list. Reading @voluntconverterecomment is super concerning - you heard all of this from a current student? How did you get in touch with them?
  3. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to reapply this cycle. I should have at least 2-3 publications by December and I think that was the key thing that was missing in my last app (I only had one in press). I'm still trying to figure out if I should take the GRE or not - a lot of places make reporting "optional" but a good score can help your application (I guess??). I don't really know though. @p.h.d.bounddefinitely try to find an RA gig if you have the time!! It'll help you narrow down what you're interested in studying for your PhD and give you some ideas for potential research pr
  4. Is it wrong to feel hopeless about this entire process? With the amount of people saying competition is only going to go up, I don't know if many people have the time or the energy to apply upwards of 5 times.
  5. Got another email today from an advisor saying my application was competitive but that it was not considered due to the sheer amount of applicants this semester. Having a hard time receiving this news from most of the places I applied to as I was not selected for any interviews. I just feel like if you don't even really want to interview me regarding my application then obviously my application could not have been that competitive. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Rejected from all 6 schools as of today! Best of luck to everyone else 🙂
  7. Sent out thank you notes for my one and only interview this cycle! What a crazy experience this has been.
  8. would love to know if hofstra is done sending out invites 😎
  9. Anyone with interviews from SUNY Binghamton - did the person they told you to email to accept the interview ever get back to you? Should I email them again to double check they got my information?
  10. Question for the masses: I’ve been working with the same PI for two years now. In order to make my application more competitive, should I apply for more RA/Coordinator positions outside of the lab I currently work at? This PI is well respected in OCD research and is very well known. However, I haven’t had many opportunities for manuscript authorship.
  11. School: SUNY Binghamton Type: PhD Clinical Psych Date of invite: 1/25/2021 Type of invite: Email from POI regarding official interview Interview date(s): 2/5 DM for POI: Yes
  12. I also just DO NOT want to go through all this anxious waiting around for the second time. The constant email refreshing and the perpetual pit in my stomach... it blows!!!
  13. It’s so hard to not be discouraged. I keep telling myself that this year was different than all other years, but everyone I know who has had my current position has at least gotten in somewhere. It just feels bad!! We’ve all worked extremely hard (and through a pandemic no less) and to be met with these results feels like a slap in the face.
  14. My CRC job deals with psychopharmacology!! I don’t think they view it differently than other RA positions because you still are getting clinical experience. If the position requires you to score different scalar measures I think that’s also an added plus, just because you’ll become more familiar with scales you might have to use in the future. I’ve found it very enriching despite wanting to go into Clinical Psych over Psychiatry.
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