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  1. My CRC job deals with psychopharmacology!! I don’t think they view it differently than other RA positions because you still are getting clinical experience. If the position requires you to score different scalar measures I think that’s also an added plus, just because you’ll become more familiar with scales you might have to use in the future. I’ve found it very enriching despite wanting to go into Clinical Psych over Psychiatry.
  2. I’m currently a CRC, and I think you definitely can describe the position as a clinical experience while also being data focused. I’ve met so many wonderful participants and learned a bunch of new software while working on this study!! Honestly a very good gig.
  3. All he said was that the people who got interviews typically had more post-grad research experience than me, which is fair considering I just graduated this December. He did say I was a strong candidate though so that's nice I guess.
  4. I just heard back from my PI: apparently Fordham also had 900+ applicants.
  5. Hello - is it weird to reach out to assumed rejection POIs to ask about the status of your app? Like for feedback?
  6. On their website it said they would reach out at the end of January, so I'd assume by next week?
  7. I'm gonna assume it was a mass email. DAMN! This cycle has been crappy!
  8. Good luck!! Hopefully we get some sort of news today lol
  9. Didn’t think I was going to get anything!! Super excited. School: SUNY Binghamton Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/15 Type of invite: Email from POI about first round interview Interview date(s): 1/19 or 1/20 DM for POI: Yes!!
  10. Just wanted to put it out there that this whole thing really sucks. Good to know that everyone else also feels like crap.
  11. Has anyone heard back from JA at UNC Chapel Hill? Or TC at Yale?
  12. Does anyone know if you can still get an interview invite without a preliminary interview invite?
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