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  1. 2-3 publications sounds really good to me! I am not 100% sure about the GRE either but from what I've gathered looking at the programs I want to apply to, as well as random ones, it seems like schools that will even look at your scores are going to be the exception. Are you currently in college? I graduated Dec 19 and am not sure how it works applying for RA positions no longer being a student... I have worked on 3 sociology projects but I'd like to get a psych one under my belt.
  2. Thank you! Addressing this in my personal statement is a good idea, along with maybe taking some courses over again to demonstrate I am working to improve my quantitative skills... Do you have any suggestions for finding psych research work postgrad?
  3. I did do 3 research projects during my undergrad. They were sociology related, but applicable to the field within psychology which I would like to go into, which is focusing on vulnerable groups. However, it did not involve any quantitative work on my part, mostly just literature reviews, interviews, transcriptions, and I did do 3 poster presentations. I was thinking about looking into community colleges for stats, but I also wondered about these online for credit courses you can take through edx.org because they are more specified towards psychology. Do you know if those are viable for colleg
  4. Hi all! First time posting here on gradcafe, but I have a few questions regarding the Fall 2022 cycle for Clinical Psychology programs and I am hopeful that some of you may be able to help me answer them. I majored in Development Sociology and minored in Human Development and Inequality at an Ivy (3.54 GPA), and before that I went to a community college where I took 6-7 psychology courses. All throughout that time, my math grades were my worst (B's, B-'s etc) and while I took many psych classes, I don't have all the core psychology courses under my belt. Originally, I was studying to
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