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  1. I found my current crc position through the university’s job page! I would search for terms like research and psychology and it popped up specific lab pages sometimes promote positions on their “joining the lab“ page otherwise this drive is super helpful: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mJjXF9K-2PSLiUVI1CpiTOjWUclek5o_
  2. The last week of waiting 😅 every notification I get I'm thinking this is it. And then it turns out to be spam
  3. I know at this point we probably will only hear back after the 15th How have y'all been distracting yourself while you wait?
  4. Thank you so much! Yeah I've been getting a lot of "we don't know yet about the funding but we will know on April 15th"
  5. Did your POI keep you updated on the funding situation throughout this process? Or were they vague when you asked for updates?
  6. For those waiting on UNM (like me)- DM me and I can create a group chat I know some people have been posting on the forum wanting to talk about it
  7. I'm deff feeling the same as you- posting is keeping me sane while I wait on my last two waitlists I would probably wait to reach out a week after the April 15th deadline (giving them time to process paperwork etc) if they are planning on sending out more acceptances. And I would just ask for a follow-up again!
  8. I wouldn't be too worried- how long have you been waiting for? Sometimes it takes a week or so to get processed
  9. You aren't alone! I'm still out here in two different waitlists. 😅
  10. Anyone else slowly getting more anxious as the April 15th date approaches? I’m on a few different waitlists and one where the POI is still figuring out department funding and I’m getting less and less hopeful as each day goes on
  11. Does anyone know how long it takes a program to send out another offer once an applicant denies an acceptance?
  12. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy without overthinking about worst possible scenarios anyone know approximately how many people get off the waitlist? For both high and middle alternates
  13. To who just posted about UNN in the results forum could you please DM your POI please? Congrats on your acceptance! Thank you!
  14. Question- has anyone mentioned to their POI that the program was their top choice- if so how did you go about this?
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