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  1. Hey! So my GPA is way below average, my verbal GRE is average and quant is above average, and my research is above average this is my second cycle applying and I’ve gotten a handful of interviews so don’t lose hope!
  2. School: University of New Mexico Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/11/21 Type of invite: Email invite from POI for informal interview Interview date(s): n/a DM for POI: Yes
  3. Thank you everyone! The email I received was also for Kent State but not with the PI I applied for. There must be something wrong with their system 😅
  4. Hello- needed some advice. I received an interview request but it was addressed to someone else and the program focus was a different one I applied to. how should I respond to address this? Especially since I’m waiting to hear back from this program still.
  5. School: Miami University (Oxford) Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: 12/21/2020 Type of invite: Personalized Email from POI inviting to formal interview day Interview date(s): January 19 or 22 DM for POI: Yes
  6. School: Florida International University Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: 12/18/2020 Type of invite: Email from POI - Preliminary Informal Interview date(s): N/A DM for POI: Yes
  7. I want to since it was from admissions (and not personalized) it probably was But that being said more spots may open up if people decline the interview! So don't lose hope. I hope it wasn't the end for your behalf and good luck!
  8. Just want to follow up saying I received the formal email invite (on 12/16) from the Director of Graduate Studies
  9. Second time applying (and also only getting interviews from partially funded programs) I am excited for this opportunity - don't give up and good luck everyone! School: Kentucky Type: Counseling PhD Date of invite: December 9 Type of invite: Email from POI to look for the official interview invite from admissions next week (after informal interview on 12/6) Interview date(s): 1/29/21 DM for POI: Yes
  10. Hello! I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone has heard back from the University of Illinois Chicago or Northwestern Weinberg for Clinical Psych? I haven't seen that many posters for them on the forums. Thank you!
  11. I know I see people asking about Northwestern (Feinberg) but has anyone heard anything from Weinberg as well? Thank you!
  12. I've only seen about one post for UIC (Illinois Chicago). Does anyone know if they are done sending out interviews? Also whoever that is could you please DM me your POI. Thank you!
  13. Hello! Does anyone know if U Miami (child) and FIU have finished extended out all invites yet? Thank you and good luck to everyone!
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