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  1. Wondering the average chance of getting off of the waitlist. Sitting here twiddling my thumbs......
  2. Has anyone else besides the poster on the results page received a rejection email from Suffolk? I haven't heard anything either way and was wondering if perhaps it was a mass email.
  3. Did anyone hear back from USUHS for the clinical civilian track? On the results page, seems someone may have gotten in for military. Thanks!
  4. Twiddling my thumbs waiting to hear from UMass Boston...anyone else? I've seen only one or two posts about interviews.
  5. Has anyone heard from Suffolk re: their interview scheduling for the 28th/29th? I filled out the survey but haven't gotten anything since, and am wondering if anyone else has. Thanks!
  6. I definitely think the research experience will help you next time around - and depending on your research center, you may even be able to get a first author publication out of that! Because everything else looks competitive. Best of luck
  7. That's a good question. Mine was over the minimum word count, so I'd defer to your adviser on this one (or any other Grad Cafe member who can shed light on this)!
  8. A few of my PhD applications required a writing sample and I sent something from my undergrad lab!
  9. School: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Type: PhD - Civilian Date of invite: 1/22/20 Type of invite: Email from program admin Interview date(s): 2/24/20 I heard back a few hours after emailing the program to check the status of my application.
  10. William James seems to have rolling admissions and no set deadline, but interview dates are coming up. PsyD. https://www.williamjames.edu/admissions/apply/deadlines-for-admission.cfm
  11. This is the only thread I've found on this...scoured the web a bit for you but couldn't find much. If I do come across something, I'll post it here for you.
  12. This was SO good to read. In the same boat - thank you for posting.
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