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  1. School: Northeastern University Type: Counseling Psychology PhD Date of invite: Jan 27th Type of invite: E-mail from the department inviting to formal zoom interview Interview date(s): 2/3
  2. So long for this cycle gradcafe! It’s been real, see you next cycle ✌🏻Good luck to other folks in the same boat.
  3. Has anyone else who interviewed at NYU for counseling heard anything yet?
  4. I keep trying to work out the percentages in my head of the probability of being accepted if I'm waitlisted at 4/6 Only waitlisted at two now and waiting to hear from two.
  5. Hi guys! I thought I would start this thread since I saw one on here from 2018. How are you coping with the waiting game?
  6. Does anyone know if waitlists are usually sent out after acceptances? Before? Thanks!!
  7. University Of Massachusetts Boston Program: Counseling Psychology DegreePhD SeasonF20 How Notified E-mail When Notified 02/20/2020 Decision Wait listed POI LC. Please DM me if you were accepted, thanks so much! And congratulations!
  8. Would the person who was waitlisted (disappointing news ) by NYU mind sending their POI? Thanks a lot.
  9. This is just an inappropriate comment that I would encourage you to reflect on. It is invalidating of Justice's efforts and abilities. Of course we always strive for diversity in Counseling Psychology, just as we strive for other social justice goals. And even the most qualified applicant can always do more to have a stronger application: more pubs, better scores, etc. At the end of the day, it's fit that matters.
  10. Gotcha. I’m sorry, it must be hugely disappointing. At least you know that everyone who was selected to interview was highly qualified. Edit: did you mean you were already working in the lab of one of those PIs? I can see how that would be upsetting. I guess just remember that at the end of the day it’s not personal.
  11. Haha can’t quite tell if you are trolling? In any case, you can look for yourself.
  12. You can search in the results. I believe one person announced they were accepted already. Edit: sorry, 2 people, looks like BV and CH both accepted someone; I don’t know if more than 2 spots were available. I didn’t apply to TC but congrats to those folks!!
  13. I think you really need to operationalize “good” it means different things to different people. I wouldn’t say TC is better than another top school because it’s an ivy for example, although it is a great school. I suppose what you could do is look at education department rankings, although that would be a very rough guide. What you want to look for is APA internship placement rate, funding, research activity and output, etc. at the end of the day mentor fit will be more important than any ranking imho.
  14. I would think two weeks is pretty standard though? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of people on the results board who had that much of a gap between interview and acceptance
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