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  1. Ppkitty

    Uncertain about Ph.D. chances

    Do you have any poster presentations or preferably publications?
  2. Hi all! Counseling Psych here - I've been accepted to BC and UMass Boston, and am interviewing at Northeastern on Monday!
  3. Hi all! I wanted to make a thread for just folks who are doing MA or MS track in a psychology field, such as mental health counseling or school psychology. Anybody out there?
  4. Great verbal GRE if English isn't your first language, good either way!
  5. Ppkitty

    Anybody heard from BC MA in Counseling program?

    Sorry to hear that - are you referring to the PhD track?
  6. Hi all, I saw a few people on the results board say they have heard back from BC - I haven't heard either way, anybody have an update?
  7. Hi all, Field/Program: Counseling Psychology/Mental Health Counseling (MS) Schools: UMass Boston, Boston College, Northeastern University Status: Interview at Umass and Northeastern coming up, haven't heard from BC yet - has anybody else? I saw on the results board that some people have been accepted/rejected already, I haven't heard a peep!
  8. Ppkitty

    Practice GRE scores vs. real GRE scores

    Those are my exact practice test scores lol
  9. Ppkitty

    Confused about timing

    Thanks @TakeruK that was very helpful!
  10. Ppkitty

    Am I Competitive? Please Read

    Your work experience is extremely impressive, but I fear your lack of research productivity and somewhat low GREs will hold you back from the top schools. Are those the only two you are applying to?
  11. I assume when this question is listed on an online application and it is not required, the correct thing to do is not fill it in? Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks for any input y'all can provide!
  12. Ppkitty

    Will I be too old to start a PhD?

    I don't think PhD programs care so much about your age as your experience. Did you gain the experience they wanted in your two years off? Do you feel you will be a better candidate at the end of the MPH?
  13. Ppkitty

    Fall 2018 Counseling Psych (PhD/Masters)

    @MarkLovesER, I think most programs realize that hands-on counseling experience is hard to get. However, many counseling psychology applicants will probably have a bit more clinical experience at the PhD applicant level, since many applicants already have a master's degree which required them to do an internship or practicum in the field. Really highlight your group therapy assistant experience in you SOP for sure.

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