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  1. Yep

    PhD Deposit?

    Yeah I think so. Both our programs are big R1 programs. I did not get any mention of paying anything just yet. I think We might have to pay for some school fees but that’s it. Maybe heath insurance if yours isn’t automatically given to you
  2. Yep

    PhD Deposit?

    Is your program fully funded?
  3. Yep

    PhD Deposit?

    Is you program fully funded?
  4. My background: applied to counseling and clinical fully funded Doctoral programs. Some PSYDs are emergency schools my experience: Research match is EVERYTHING in these programs (not PSYDs). It doesn’t have to be word for word but if you can articulate how your research to this point can transition well to the POIs work, that will impress during statement reading and interviews. Publications and presentations help but you don’t NEED them to compete with others. Interview day is formal. I went through multiple interview through out this process and watch many applicants shoot themselves in the foot by over sharing, asking questions that you can find online, and did I mention over sharing. Also, if your staying with someone or get chances to talk to people in your POIs Lab, ask about their research and go into detail with them. This is very important. I have 4 different POIs ask during the interview, did you get a chance to talk to anyone in my lab, did they tell you about their work with me and their own, what did you think of it and how does that fit with what your wanting to do? be realistic, some schools are too hard for you to get in. if you don’t match the averages the accepted students have significantly then X out the program. If you get that through your head now, it will feel better than later down the line when you get 5 rejections from “reach” schools in the first week of December. Big picture Idea: the acceptance Stats to funded R1 programs are very low. Like as low as 3% and maybe as high as 12%. No luck is involved! If you got the interview you passed the “are you worthy phase”. Means your qualified, competitive, and unique. Good luck to everyone next year who didn’t make it.
  5. Yep

    PhD Deposit?

    Mine did not either.
  6. Honestly rankings for doctoral programs are fake. No way can a website or an organization can actually rate a PhD program. Take the fact that full tuition + stipend is a better indicator of the quality of the program and it’s values. this is just general advice. For example, in clinical\ counseling psychology doctoral programs, Columbia university TC is a school people want to go to due to the name merit. However, it is an unfunded program as well. Most professionals in the field say that schools matter to a certain degree but the debt one takes is much more impact on your life in the program and after.
  7. In New York, this is relevant for most schools at least from my perspective. Teachers college has name merit but overall isn’t the same prestige and quality as other Ivy League schools. In psych PhDs there, they are also a unfunded program. I would suggest really doing the math. The massive debt in comparison to earning potential might not be worth it. Even better, deferring and focus on funded programs is a great idea. Just my two cents
  8. That sounds like a struggle. For me, this was my challenge post masters degree. I needed just a little more research experience and my area of living had nothing. if I was you, this is the time to get in connect with former advisors in the field and see if they have or they know someone that has research opportunities. In addition, you can look at RA positions that are part time but really, if you want to make it to clinical psych PhD level at a respected program you need to go full time to maybe have a chance for more experience. Based on your background, you prob have enough clinical experience to get into a PhD program. it just depends how committed you are to getting into a doctoral program.
  9. As an applicant this year who got admitted, I was very worried that funding will be an issue. If you read on the results page, some people have noted that this pandemic has caused faculty to lose a spot that they were expecting. I feel bad for the students who had to deal with that type of rejection because it isn’t really a rejection. thankfully, I was given full funding. To comment your concern, I think if anything, unless funding was pulled, applicants with acceptances are taking their offers rather than deferring considering the fear of these changing next year. Why risk less funding next year when you have a spot now and can solidify funding. of course, all of us are at the mercy of our programs because funding is not guaranteed. Just my two cents
  10. Yep

    Ranking I/O Pys

    Ranking don’t exist. Never trust any website ranks on “top 25 psychology programs”
  11. Yep

    PsyD vs PhD

    Hi, this is more dependent on the specific psyd program you got into. If you talking generally, you will be at a disadvantage for your goal of a post doc research fellowship. Doing a dissertation doesn’t matter since all PhD level clinical and counseling students are required to that. A lab with your interest is great but it depends on how productive the faculty is in the research field. If the psyd is at the caliber of a research emphasis program like Rutgers or Baylor, then you might not be at a disadvantage. if you want to pm me the program I can look at the program further to help but as it stands, your concerns are real.
  12. What!? The numbers are in your favor!! Keep us updated on the results
  13. Wow, as one cycle ends, another begins 😅 this is very excited. Remember put your head down and prep to grind through multiple applications. as far as your questions: I asked my LORs in September “would they write a letter for me” and then after I nailed that down. A month and a half before applications were due. I sent The request out all at once so my writers can just crank it out at once and be done. As far as contacting POI. start end of August, if they don’t answer, request info from the department coordinators. Map out fit and availability & boom you well have your applications mapped out
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