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  1. I was offered an admission into Boston College mhc but I will be declining that offer (I'm extremely grateful though). Money is THE problem for me tbh
  2. To anyone who will be interviewed or have interviewed from John Jay CUNY: Did you all get a confirmation (or anything at all) after filling out that interview response link? I only saw the typical "Thank you for your response! Your response has been recorded" Now I'm a little bit paranoid now unsure if it really went through or if I was just dreaming....
  3. Hi! I received an interview from JJ CUNY's DCT and I'm curious if anyone knows more about this interview process. The email I got said that the interview will be held on Jan 29th and there will be individual interviews with faculty and current grad students. But it doesn't really say exactly who I will be interviewing with (i.e. whether it will be the people I stated as my POIs). Does anyone have any idea what this interview will be like? This is my first interview so I'm not too familiar with how these interviews go. Thank you!
  4. Do you think it would be weird to reach out to an alum (currently a professor in my home country, was also an international student) who is in a similar field as you (same research topic) and ask him/her about the school more and ask for interview tips? I’ve always wanted to talk to this person but they got really famous nationally. I don't know if this would be a big no no
  5. School: John Jay CUNY Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: Jan 13th Type of invite: Mass email from the director of clinical program Interview date(s): Jan 29th via Zoom DM for POI: No My first invite Yay!!
  6. I am by no means to kill the buzz but is anyone else preparing for Plan B if all fails? I know it's still early to quit but I spent the entire day (literally, I meant it) just really thinking about what I want to do and what I can do to better my applications, I came to a conclusion that it's personally and professionally better for myself to have more experience. Throughout this whole process, I couln't help but to feel that I rushed myself too much to finish up the applications this first cycle. Now I know I have a list of things that I will be doing over this new year, I feel much at ease n
  7. Hey there! I didn't hear back from the admission assistant but I did reach out to a current grad student at UNL. That person told me all of the initial invites have been sent out (total of 27). Sorry to pass this news along but figured it's better to know now than wait with the dreadful uncertainty.
  8. DIdn't the same person (I assume) post about Baylor using the same stat as well?
  9. Thanks for the reassurance guys! Personally I have not heard from any of my schools, which was the reason why I've been frantically scrolling through this website once every hour. I think it's definitely hard to not to feel anxious. On one note: do you guys happen to know if a school sent out some invites late dec or early jan, does this usually mean they are done with the invites or are they also taking extra time to process through? Sorry if this came off too random, just trying my best to not to collapse from stress here
  10. This is it guys. I know I probably shouldn't have but I emailed the admission assistant for one of my schools asking if they were done with sending invites. I'm sure she got a lot of those emails over the weekend but here is another one to add. Here's to another week of waiting.
  11. Lol those fake posts... I am not ashamed to say that I fell for it before someone pointed out. But honestly, what's the point of posting fake interviews?
  12. Guys I have a question: The website says “Initial Interview Weekend invitations will be sent out by mid-January.” Does this mean the invites will be sent out by 19th (the end of the mid month) at the latest or 10th (the beginning of mid month) at the latest?
  13. It's still early to give up so currently trying not to panic but seeing ppl get interviews from my top school is actually scaring me to no extent. But big congratulations to everyone who got the interviews! Good luck y'all!!!
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