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  1. Has anyone heard from Arizona State or UH Manoa? Thanks all!
  2. Same 😭 still holding onto a little bit of hope but was fairly certain I'm out
  3. If anyone has any insight into this... would love to know. Congrats to those with invites!
  4. For people who have interviewed, what's the hardest/most unexpected question you've been asked? I've heard of some programs "grilling" applicants but I've never been too sure what this entails. Thanks for any advice!
  5. To the poster that received an interview invite from UCSD on the admissions results page, if you see this can you PM your POI? Thanks and congrats!
  6. I received an interview early last week from UH Clinical not for MW though! I'm not exactly sure how they're rolling out their interview invites so they definitely could still be sending some/PIs might be on different schedules. I hope this helps
  7. Has anyone heard from University of Southern California, PI: JS? or U Vermont, PI: MP?
  8. Congrats!! My PI is MP, I haven't seen his initials so hoping he hasn't gotten around to all of them yet. Best of luck to you!
  9. Does anyone know for sure if the clinical interview days are Jan 14/15? I was comforted by the post 2 above this but have been seeing mixed information. Hope everyone is hanging in there!
  10. Has anyone heard from UH Manoa? Or any official invites for University of Vermont? I saw some prelim invites a little while ago but haven't seen any official to my knowledge
  11. Hi all, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. Does anyone know if the clinical track invites have all been sent?
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