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  1. Anyone else having a hard time focusing on work/school/interview prep because of the inauguration? Or, is that just me šŸ˜³ Feeling very grateful for the overall supportive nature of this forum. Sending positive energy and wishes of acceptance to everyone here. It's been a grueling process for sure, but I am thankful I am not alone in this boat ā¤ļø Sorry for the side note!
  2. I applied to ISU and didn't submit GRE scores. My application says "Materials Needed" as well, but I spoke with the Program Director back in October and was informed not to worry about that! So don't worry
  3. School: University of North Carolina-Charlotte Type: Clinical Health Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/14/21 Type of invite: Email from Program Director with PI cc'd Interview date(s): 1/29/21 DM for POI: Sure
  4. From what my PI told me, interview days are tomorrow and Friday =/ unless you're on your PI's waitlist, which you should have been informed of already. Probably not the info you want to hear Best of luck!
  5. I'm not sure, but I haven't heard from UNC Greensboro and I also applied there.
  6. I applied to both UNC Greensboro and Charlotte and haven't heard anything from either. I'm assuming rejection from Greensboro, since you had a preliminary interview. I applied to a different PI, though. Haven't seen much on Charlotte, but I could have missed those posts. Wishing you the best of luck! The anxiety is definitely real at this stage in the process!
  7. For University of Kansas, I only know about the Child Psychology Program...I was informed that applications will be reviewed beginning end of December and invitations for interviews will be sent out mid-January. I'm not sure about the non-child program, though. For University of Minnesota, I applied to the Institute of Child Development, but have not heard back yet. Not sure about the adult track!
  8. Haven't heard anything for UCLA and don't know of anyone who has heard back! Hopefully, they are taking their time to review all applications before reaching out to applicants!
  9. Nope, I haven't heard anything yet and nothing on the portal has changed.
  10. How is everyone feeling after this first round of interviews? I had mine yesterday, which was pretty exciting! My PI didn't give an exact timeframe about when we would be hearing back, but it was said that we would be hearing back pretty soon regardless of being invited to the second round.
  11. Is anyone else feeling nervous about their preliminary interview? For those who have completed this stage, how did you feel about it when it was over? Sending everyone positive energy!
  12. Thank you! The majority was information from my CV (teaching/leadership experience, volunteer experience, clinical experience), but then a few more personal questions designed to show the applicant's personality (at least, that's how I viewed them). I didn't even know that was something that could be part of this entire process, considering this is my second time applying but never made it past the application stage. I hope that helps!
  13. I received an email from my PI at UCSB requesting I fill out a form providing additional information. After I submitted it, I was invited to have a Zoom call next week! Not sure if this is an interview or a pre-interview, but excited nonetheless. For anyone who applied to University of Kansas's Clinical Child program, I was informed by the Admissions Assistant that the committee will begin reviewing applications at the end of this month. Invitations for interviews will be sent out mid-January. Hopefully, this eases some anxiety!
  14. Iā€™m applying to 18. Similar to what @VeriWolf said, there are so many POIs whose research align with my goals and interests. It is a tedious process, but this forum makes it less intimidating =]
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