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  1. School: Idaho State University Type: Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/20/2021 Type of invite: Generic email from admissions committee Interview date(s): Feb 4th-6th 2021 DM for POI: Yes AH one of my top choices
  2. This is a bit random but I've been killing some time setting up an academic Twitter. Is it weird to add someone who I hope would be a potential POI? I don't want to cross any boundaries and the goal behind adding them is just that I love their content in general and often just search them anyways. My gut feeling is just to wait until after application season is over but I'd love your perspective.
  3. Sounds like you need some lotions and candles!!! (I sure do)
  4. lol I get so many more emails from schools I never applied to, and programs I could not apply to off the cuff (last time I checked I never took the LSAT?) than any school I've actually applied to. So dumb
  5. Hey! Someone on the results page posted (About CSU's Counseling PhD): "I asked admissions officer via e-mail about timelines. Received e-mail from admissions staff member today 1/8/21, who said interview invites will come in 3rd or 4th week of January. There is no official interview date set yet." I too am patiently waiting
  6. My first interview! Such a turbulent week! School: University of Northern Colorado Type: Counseling PhD Date of invite: 1/7/2021 Type of invite: General invite email Interview date(s): January 29th, 2021 DM for POI: N/A
  7. Got my first rejection! Obviously it sucks but also feels like... a release of anticipation? Like I can process it and move on, which somehow feels a bit better than feeling completely in the dark about everything. Can anyone relate to this feeling?
  8. My brain woke me up at 1 AM last night to hyper focus on a line in a supplemental questionnaire that I previously had not been anxious about at all. Just to keep me on my toes I think.
  9. I keep having nightmares about extremely specific parts of random applications. Can anyone else relate?
  10. Obviously this has been a stressful time and I keep refreshing all the things as sort of a compulsion to deal with my anxiety. However I've been trying to frame this time in this way: This is a time of opportunity. I have applied to 7 schools I am excited about and because I have not heard either way about anything, there is still possibility for each one. I have my own separate fantasy of the research and I could conduct with each POI and what my day to day would be like at each location. Yes I could get no interview invitations, or if I do I could get no acceptances. However, in this mo
  11. I would like to add that I met with a few PIs over zoom over the past few months. I have two bachelors degrees, my first one I graduated with a very low GPA and my second one I graduated with a very high GPA so my average over both is very mediocre. This is a topic I discuss with all potential PIs as it is an important part of my past and could be a barrier to entry for school. I got feedback that, at least with the specific PIs I spoke to, that they are looking for applicants with holistic experience. I personally have a lot of research and presenting experience, but they mentioned that it is
  12. I keep checking this forum non stop so I figure I better comment! Everything's fine
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