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  1. I thought I would chime in as I have just completed a Psychology MA through Pepperdine, which was entirely online. I feel that it is important to note that my experience was my experience, but hopefully this will help to instill some hope about what may become more normal for future learning. If the professor was committed to an interactive, enriching environment, then the online classroom afforded that. (side note: we were initially using Adobe Connect and switched to Zoom a few semesters in, I believe) We as students were able to not only learn a great deal, we were also able to truly connect with our fellow classmates and professors. When the professor crafted this type of learning environment, we were able to debate and discuss fairly seamlessly. For some specific insight: the first day of each course, the professor, if fostering an interactive room, typically outlined how they preferred us to interact. Some professors utilized the hand-raising tool, some preferred we physically raise our hands, and some just paid attention to when we would unmute ourselves, taking it as a cue that we would like to share. I was especially (happily!) surprised by the bonds that were able to form given the medium. We forged meaningful relationships with each other, bridging age spans (I am 45 and most of my classmates who I consider close friends now are in their 20s and very early 30s), differing locations (we were spread all over the US and also had a handful of over-seas classmates), and more. I also wanted to share my experience with role-playing over the online medium. Because it was our normal, role-playing felt very comfortable on Zoom. Sometimes we did this in the main classroom with all of us and sometimes we were grouped and assigned to break-out rooms. That said, even thinking about it now, I think I would be more intimidated to role-play in person, but again, I attribute that to my version of normal. Similar to how it will be for me when I need to adjust to role-playing in person, I would guess there will be some awkward, potentially uncomfortable moments as those of you transition from in-person to online. Not to be too rah-rah over here, but I know we will all be ok. (at least this is what I keep telling myself 😊) If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me directly. Stay safe out there.
  2. Hi Clinical Psych Ph.D. community, There were two posters on the results page who have Zoom interviews at Washington State University and one who received a rejection. If any of you see this, I would be very grateful if you were to feel comfortable DM'ing me your POI initials. Sending everyone positivity during this stressful time! Thank you! 🙏
  3. This thread is giving me life. Thank you. 🙌
  4. School: Pacific University Type: PsyD Date of invite: 1/22/2020 Type: Rejection Email They have completed their review of applications and are not able to offer me admission. Offered to pass my application on to the MA of Psychological Sciences Program Director. I already have my master's so am not interested. Good luck to all of you out there!
  5. Is this for the PhD? --- Please disregard! I just saw your response to another person that it is for the PsyD program. Apologies!
  6. I have a classmate who was invited to interview at The Wright Institute today in an email.
  7. I have a classmate who received one on Thursday. I received a rejection letter. I would say no news is good news!
  8. If the person who posted today on the admission results page about a phone interview they had in December for the Clinical Psych PhD at U of U could pm me their POI initials, I would be grateful!
  9. School: University of Denver Rejection Type: PsyD Date: 01.15.2020 Type of Rejection: Emailed and told to check my application status page. There was a link on that page to a boilerplate letter saying they would not be offering me admission.
  10. Please let me know if you hear anything! There are three posts now....
  11. @Schy AMEN... on so many levels. I have also been thinking about how I am going to put way more time into studying for the GRE and kill that silly exam the next go-around (even though several of my programs haven't even begun to send out interview invites yet). This application process is such a bizarre experience. We all may have to do research on it when we finally get into our dream programs!
  12. You must continue this... You must. You are a light in the darkness.
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