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    sociocultural factor consideration in diagnosis, multicultural counseling, counselor cultural competence, cultural adaptations of therapeutic approaches, social justice, cross-cultural issues,
    resilience and mental health in competitive athletes, children and adolescent populations, intersectionality, neuropsychology for the lay-person, naturalistic observation, group counseling.
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    2021 Fall
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    Counseling Psychology, Ph.D.

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  1. I take it as good insight, for sure! Now we just need to keep in touch with each other if we do hear anything.
  2. I also emailed CSU and received this response last night: The Admissions Committee should be sending out invitations for interviews in the next week. They have not confirmed if that (Feb.5th) will be the official interview date yet. Due to Covid, everything has been on a different time frame this year as it takes a little longer to get things done remotely.
  3. Hi PsychMama! There is a Slack group for all of us applicants that has incredible resources for interview prep. Join us! https://join.slack.com/t/psychinout/shared_invite/zt-kmiz8qlh-XLNYySgujTzZcMIzKBJhpg Alll are welcome to join. It is an incredibly supportive, abundant environment.
  4. I would love to re-tweet this and tag a number of like-minded folks so they can share if you feel comfortable tweeting.
  5. Hi everyone. This is me: @babbsweissman.
  6. My answer is the same as @FingersCrossed58! Any opportunity to organically connect is a good thing!
  7. My DU application portal says the same. I am a Counseling Psych app and had a great relationship with my admissions counselor so I emailed her to check in. She shared that all formal invites have gone out and I am waitlisted for an interview. I hope this is helpful!
  8. I felt the same relief when I got a rejection from U of Oregon Counseling Psych program! Bummer, but I sure appreciate knowing.
  9. It will happen! I am a second time applicant too and it is so hard. Hang in there --- a lot of interviews have not been extended yet!
  10. I am waiting to hopefully hear from USU also, but nothing yet. 🤞🏾
  11. You and I have almost exactly the same interests. Feel free to dm me and I can share where I applied and why!
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