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  1. Hi everyone, as a back up I would like to start looking for post- baccalaureate programs in psychology, I noticed there is a lot for the biological sciences but I can't seem to find a lot for psychology. Has anyone done a post-bacc and how did you guys find them?
  2. Hi everyone, So i’m a little bit scared about my applications and getting into a clinical program. I think my research experience and GPA are good but I did absolutely horrible on the GRE..like below average horrible. I took it four times and only improved my score the second time and did worse the last two times. i’m just a horrible standardized test taker, I always have been but now I think it’s really going to limit me. I took a kaplan course and magoosh but neither really helped me. Does anyone know someone who experienced this and has actually gotten into a clinical phd program? Or h
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