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  1. Do people with honorable mentions ever get off the waitlist? How common is that? Congrats to everyone who got it!
  2. How common is it to get it after getting HM? Do people actually decline it?
  3. Have results ever been posted before the maintenance period is over?
  4. Like 2am this evening (that is technically Tuesday but still late Monday night)?
  5. Ahh!!! What does this mean? When do people think results will be released?
  6. Does anyone know the previous release dates?
  7. Do we get to find out our number scores and z-scores?
  8. If results are released on Tuesday what time do people think they will release the maintenance announcement tomorrow?
  9. Are results going to be released this week?
  10. Thank you! Hopefully we will hear soon!!
  11. Do you know when your PI's review panel is and if the results are going to be delayed due to shutdown?
  12. I would also love to know the PI for Stony Brook. Top choice for me. Thanks, I really appreciate it!
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