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  1. Finally got my reviews. Excellent; good, poor. Not so bad. Some good stuff that made me feel good about my work. One said that a referee didn’t have confidence in my work. Cool thanks
  2. The award only went to like 8 people in my field sooooo 🙃
  3. Not recommended 😚 it’s been nice grad cafe
  4. UCSB is super gorgeous and still carries a good reputation. Try to visit any campus if possible to see how you feel.
  5. Santa Barbara is beautiful, you can’t go wrong there. 🙂 good luck
  6. Fugg fuhk fk fuuuuh 😐 haven’t had nightmares or dreams about the award.... just really thinking there’s like a “before nsf results” and “after NSF results” period happening in my life right now. Honestly, I’m also stressed out by the timeline you have to be on if you get awarded, you have to stick to one project and also report in periodically about it? Grad school already seems stressful enough. Can you change your topic? Tomorrow is gonna be so annoying
  7. The fact this post has 76k views is giving me life right now 😈
  8. Impressive data collection here wtf happened in 2009
  9. I’m an indigenous linguist studying archival material from my own language as well as comparing this to other neighboring languages in the same language family. I will be making this process more accessible to interested youth and other community members. I will also be contributing to a lineage of scholarship which is at this time still a growing field for my particular language. Excited, but not holding my breath. This process has been great!
  10. So after perusing the reddit threads I wanted to talk about the reviewer comments. it sounds like some people have a really hard time with this, yes these are experts in our fields looking at our research plan, but I didn’t realize that sometimes they might be really mean? also, can someone explain the scoring? I looks like they use letters “V/V” or something. I look forward to reading reviews and I hope I will be positive about the feedback. Sometimes you have to take it with a grain of salt and not let it get you down!
  11. Just fantasizing about what I will do when I get the email... when I got into grad school I SCREAMED.... just cuz, anyways, wishful thinking! Might scream if I get rejected too... I read somewhere where someone got a false acceptance once? What a nightmare!!! I would be devastated i might call my best friend right when I get the email and then open it with her on the phone for MORAL SUPPORT
  12. Really depends if you are Uptown or Downtown campus; this reply is from a Uptown campus student perspective... Metairie might be safer and cheaper but be ready to add 30-45 minutes to your commute. Not exactly sure but I live less than a mile from school and I still give myself at least 20 minutes to get there by bike or car. Getting off the freeway by Costco and Xavier (the nearest exit) can take forever in my experience. We came in July and lined up a bunch of viewings, our final one is the one we picked. 2 bedroom shotgun $1200 with me and my bf. i see lots of for rent signs all around campus. Also! Join Tulane Classifieds. People post looking for roommates. Obviously craigslist should be taken with a grain of salt, but you can find places on there, and then decide if they seem legit. We worked with a real estate agent, we met her at the spot, but then went to her Remax office to sign all papers. I highly suggest this because people can get the code to a lock box, show you a place, take your deposit, and you are left in the lurch. This is a common scam everywhere, not specifically New Orleans. If something feels off; trust that instinct, ask lots of questions, don’t be afraid to wait and see other places. We live near cross streets of Claiborne and Carrollton. We can walk to street car or bus. Stores nearby. And campus is nearby, but still far enough to not be around a bunch of frat houses. Hopefully this helps? When I first read this thread last year, I considered living in bayou St. John, and I like it up there, but it’s further from campus then I would want to be right now as I have classes 5 days a week. Maybe in my third year when I’m not so tethered to campus. Theres grad student housing at Deming near the French Quarter but as an uptown campus student that seems so far to me.
  13. Hello GRFPers I am also patiently waiting for my results. first year grad student in PhD program first time applying linguistics focus in Native American linguistics and archive work i’m glad I found this forum, been an active grad results stalker since first applying to grad school in 2015. Just logged in and my application was there, Re: the person who said theirs disappeared. will post results!!
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