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  1. Do the programs you want to apply to require the GRE? Can you figure out how much they weight the GRE scores? Mine did not weigh it very heavily.
  2. lambda

    NDSEG Biosciences

    I am in the same boat with questions, but no answers...maybe we can talk them out on here though?
  3. lambda

    NDSEG Biosciences

    lol nice, I was thinking about asking them as well. Guess I won't!
  4. lambda

    NDSEG 2019

    I'm doing one as well as a hail mary! I am also nervous about the 3 page thing, because I couldn't find examples online of the 3 page one (I guess it started in 2018?).
  5. lambda

    Working while on GRFP tenure

    I’m extremely confused how you think 1) that working full time is 20 hr/wk (are you still taking courses?) and that 2) just because you’re funded you won’t need to work that much. You'll need to finish your PhD, right? You’ll need to accomplish work regardless. Also remember that the GRFP only covers a salary- you still eat up research costs. Also, you don’t need to keep doing the same project you proposed for GRFP... it’s to fund you, not a project. So don’t worry.
  6. lambda

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    Yeah, I’m a first year wondering if I should wait until next year...I figured it would be easier when you are settled into a lab (and not just starting a rotation)
  7. lambda

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    How can you put together a project as a first year that’s as good as a second year tho?
  8. lambda

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    First question...is there a significant advantage as a second year applicant? I am hesistant to apply as a second year, because everyone else in my program is doing that. But it’s hard to write a grant without finishing a rotation. Any input?
  9. lambda

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

    Hey everyone, sorry if this exists...couldn’t find it via phone search. Maybe mobile is just bad. Thread for this year’s GRFP application!
  10. lambda

    Can I Request A Campus Visit?

    I did a similar thing (and ended up getting in, etc). I would recommend looking online to see who the student outreach/office of the department are and call them. The POI will route you through them anyway, most likely.
  11. lambda

    Post-Bacc Programs (NIH PREP, informal, etc)

    I did the NIH IRTA for a couple years and was involved with activities on campus (bethesda), so if anyone has questions about it, tag me! I can also direct you to other people as well in a PM.
  12. lambda

    Undergrad research dissimilar to PhD program

    It shouldn't! Just be prepared to clearly talk about what caused you to change interests- that it comes from some type of experience, how you found out you definitely want to do it, and why your previous work has prepared you for this job (you can even think outside the box a bit for this one). I just got accepted to an ecology and evolution department, and I studied mostly physical chemistry/biology as an undergrad. My research experience has been all over the place though, because, as you also pointed out, you kind of have to go where there are opportunities, especially at state schools.
  13. lambda

    2018 EEB Applicants: Profiles, Results, etc

    Congrats to those that have made it in, and hugs to those who are still anxiously waiting or got rejected. We'll all get there someday!
  14. lambda

    Any married grad students here?

    I'm also married, and a bit nervous about this as I have regularly gotten snides comments about the fact I am married. I am also 3 years older than my cohort, and I am hoping people do not treat me as if I am less "serious" than the non-married PhD students.
  15. lambda

    Atlanta, GA

    Bumping- I'm moving here this summer to attend Emory. I'm slightly older than a freshly minted undergrad, and will be bringing my husband with me (no kids though). Any advice for house buying/townhome renting in the various burbs would be nice.

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