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  1. This is a random question, but I couldn't find it online and my potential host professor wanted me to double check. Can you apply for the DAAD with the same application material/research topic as the Fulbright in the same year? Given you can only accept one, I don't see why not, but was wondering if any of you have encountered that? Thanks in advance!
  2. VG/VG, VG/VG, E/E in Civil Engineering, first year grad student. I didn’t get it, and they said my weak points was a lower than average BS GPA in the applicant pool (3.46) and my outreach during undergraduate could have been stronger. Everything else was extremely positivite though, so that boosted my morale!
  3. Not awarded. But with only 21 awards in the massive field of Civil Engineering, not feeling too bad for myself. Hopefully the reviews will explain why in a few weeks though!
  4. Not that I've read anywhere yet.
  5. Guess it has to be that Friday then? The 12th? It'd be mean for it to come out after the 15th!
  6. I agree. It makes sense that they wouldn’t tell us, simply because something could always go wrong on their end to delay it, and they can’t be held to a date for that reason. Overall, still on board that it really should/needs to be announced at the latest, Friday, April 12th.
  7. Based on the “early April” statement and the government shutdown, I have a strong feeling it’d be posted no earlier than this Friday - but my guess is more like next week (Tuesday or Friday of course).
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