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  1. @Sorrel Recieved my acceptance this morning as well, officially! Looking forward to potentially meeting! Not sure if they do any sort of orientation for this grant type (doesn't seem so, but you never know). Feeling good about the word "postponement" as well - reasonable - but they aren't guessing what it'll look like then. TUM is considering starting their winter semester Nov. 1, instead of Oct. 1, so a postponement like that would be totally reasonable. @Hakob Congratulations!! That's amazing! What a rollercoaster for you!!
  2. @SorrelThought this information would be pertinent to you as well, as your application portal looks the same as mine. Heard this from my program advisor today about my application: "I talked to the DAAD rep today and among other things I have also asked about your application. Those who were rejected received emails already. She told me that your applications looks GOOD. You will receive the final result next week." For NY DAAD applicants, looking like next week is the week! They meant end of April when they said it, but at least we don't have to be worrying this week!
  3. Just wanted to report that I was just selected as an alternate for Fulbright in Germany! Really ready to hear back from DAAD now haha, would like some stability and official information.
  4. Well that's confusing! But better than rejection made! Fingers crossed for you!!
  5. I'm sorry, Hakob! All the best to your future work! Just wanted to say that my portal still says "funding," so I don't think they are cancelling the whole program.
  6. Oct 1 start date here as well! Congrats on the (hopefully) funded project as well! 🙂 My application is to Munich, the Technical University of Munich specifically. What about yourself?
  7. Did you apply for the same grant type? The specific grant I applied for was only for US and Canadian citizens, and it could start no earlier than Oct. 1, so that was my start date.
  8. In the same boat! US applicant to the 1 year doctoral research grant. My status changed to funding almost two weeks ago now, but haven’t received any other info yet either.
  9. Thank you! And it seems to me, USA applicants may have heard back today, so yours may be on a different timeline. Best of luck on the wait! I haven’t heard of someone hearing back on a weekend day, so I would think not, but not 100% certain.
  10. Did you get the official letter yet? I feel like they would tell you there. Also, best of luck! I know Fulbright hasn’t notified yet, so hopefully they’ll be accepting people out of the reserves when that happens.
  11. Just got the message that I have funding!! No official letter yet, but this is a great sign!!
  12. I definitely think it is a different year, with everything going on. But here’s to hoping we’ll hear something this week or next!
  13. Still no change to my application status... Still blank. This wait is challenging. I applied for the One Year Doctoral Research Grant from the USA.
  14. Update: My application status is now blank. Just for those future years of applicants checking out this thread, to know the process. Will update when I get the final status.
  15. @Chebys Thanks for the reply and info! I wasn't sure, as I looked at previous years on GradCafe here and it seems it depends on the country/app type? Are you sure? Nonetheless, appreciate the positive reply
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