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  1. Hello Wilbert. Salamat! I'm applying for a PhD program and my DAAD contact person is different. I guess each scholarship scheme has their own timeline in rolling out the results. Stay positive!
  2. Oh, everything seems so fast for you. Good luck and wish you all the best. Do we have any FB group or something that we could connect?
  3. Hello Carlos, got the same email but mine has a note that says: 'If your academic and professional letters of recommendation have been sent directly to University of Bonn, you do not need to upload them on the DAAD portal.' I also applied for the EPOS program so I don't have a copy of my recommendation letters. The letters were confidential and directly sent by my previous professors to the university. hope this helps.
  4. Hello Kevin, congrats. Hope to hangout with you and other filipino scholars in Germany in the future. Have already scheduled for a visa appointment this June. Language class will start in Aug 3. How 'bout you?
  5. Hello, possibly, it's because of the proximity of the city to Bonn. am not really sure about this. But based on last year's thread, language classes depend on the region of your university and scholarship program. Others even had their classes online.
  6. Hello Adeline, No problem. Got admitted in the BIGS-DR at the University of Bonn
  7. Hi Adeline. You will need to upload the soft copy of the requirements, except the recommendation letters from your supervisor/employers. Also, there's a green DAAD form that you need to fill out so i think you will be fine.
  8. Hi, would like to connect. Will be attending language class in Dusseldorf this August.
  9. hello Carlos. i've uploaded my documents on the daad portal in January 13 and received the letter of award in feb 5. i think the procedure depends on the daad contact person you're assigned to. probably, you will receive the letter of award in the next few weeks. congrats and hopefully, the others will have their results soon.
  10. Hello roland. Good luck on your upcoming interview. what type of scholarship scheme you're applying for?
  11. Hi, congratulations on making this far. I also received the same email from DAAD. There was an important note saying, "Please register on the DAAD portal in German or English, not in Spanish." Did you check if you were registered on DAAD English? My problem now is I couldn't log in on the DAAD portal. It says "Error: Service is not available." The good thing is they gave me until Jan 20 to submit my docs. portal@daad.de hasn't replied to me yet as well.
  12. Thank you Henry. I've seen on their website that they will assist shortlisted applicants on seeking external funding as well. I'm wishing you all the best.
  13. Hello Henry, congrats. The last time i heard from them was in december before the holidays. They said that i will receive a separate email from daad for funding either last week of january or early february. How about you?
  14. I only applied at ZEF because I don't know the exact process on applying three universities. Although i have already research on the web, it's really confusing on my part. I just found that for zef, they will screen and admit the applicants first to BIGS-DR, then they will nominate them to DAAD for funding.
  15. Hello Kanwal, good luck on your application as well. I am not so sure though about this whole process. This is the first time i applied on daad. Received an email last week of nov for a skype interview invitation. I was suppose to reschedule the interview in dec 2 because of the storm passing by in the philippines. However, the prof in zef said that they have to rearrange the interview not later than dec 4 for they're going to start the second process of culling the shorlisted applicants. Have asked a lot of questions after the interview and they were open to some details re the sel
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