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  1. Definitely, that'd be great! Still on Paper copies received. We still have a lot of waiting to do, lol. Hey, congratulations on your good news. Good luck buddy!
  2. I still have paper copies received. What Scholarship did you apply for?
  3. My application reached on the last day of the deadline. It was pretty close. And I got the Paper copies received notification about 2 weeks ago. I've read a lot of previous threads on DAAD and apparently the status doesn't change for everyone at the same time. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. So there's nothing to worry about. I'm targeting Anhalt Dessau, Bauhaus Universität and University of Stuttgart. BTW, do you have any idea if they take an interview for Master's Scholarship? Hope to see you on the other side. Good luck to you too man. 😊
  4. Thankyou. Best of luck to all of us here. ☺️
  5. Yessss please! What program did you apply for? Master's or PhD? Do they call for an interview for a Master's program? If yes, what do they look for in the interview from the candidate, as in what kind of questions do they ask?
  6. Hi Kevin ! I applied for DAAD Study in the field of Architecture.
  7. Hi everyone! It's good to have other people to freak out with rather than freaking out alone.😅 I applied for the DAAD Study in the field of Architecture Scholarship program. My status changed to Paper copies received a couple of days ago. What about everyone here? I was going through last year's DAAD thread and it looks like we all will have to wait till March or April for the results to be out. 😕 Does anyone here have any idea whether they take an interview for Master's Scholarships also? I've heard there's an interview for the PhD applicants, but is it the same for the Master's applicants as well?
  8. I felt like it's time to start a forum for DAAD 2020. Who else just got finished with the application process for DAAD graduate scholarship? Is it just me or is it too soon to freak out about the waiting time for the results?🤔
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