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  1. Thank you Carlos and Greta for your input! Yeah I'm the same as you, Greta, I submitted my application directly to the university. Thank you again guys Adeline
  2. Hi Greta, Thank you so much for your reply! May I know which university are you going to? Again, thank you. Kind regards, Adeline
  3. Hi first of all congratulations! Oh we need to upload all of the document submitted to the university on the online portal? Oh dear, I've forgotten to make a copy of the documents that I've submitted, would that be a problem? I only have documents like resume, letter of motivation, certificates of degrees, employment letter, etc, but not documents like letters of recommendation, application form, etc. Do you think that would pose a problem for me? Thank you Regards, Adeline
  4. Hi there, I now received an email from MIPLC that I was chosen as one of the recipients that they are going to propose to DAAD. So from following this forum, I understand that those selected by DAAD will be required to upload on DAAD portal the documents submitted during the application process, is that right? When I submitted the application documents, I have forgotten to make a copy of everything that I submitted in post. Do they require you to upload the letters of recommendation? I didn't make a copy of those letters as well. Please advise. Thank you Regards, Adeline
  5. Hi Nasi, Thank you! Good luck to you too! fingers crossed!
  6. Forgot to mention, I'm applying for the LLM program in Munich If anyone is also going to Munich, give a shout out please
  7. Hi all, anyone is applying for the DAAD EPOS scholarship scheme? I applied directly through the school so I am not required to create a DAAD portal. Just last week I had an interview with the Master's program administration director and was informed about 3 days ago that I made it on the recipient list that they are going to propose to the DAAD. But nothing is finalized yet until the selection meeting on 3 March 2020. I am not sure how long we need to wait after the selection meeting to know the final results! this wait is killing me! haha
  8. Hi May I join the whatsapp group? I didnt get any message in my inbox. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I'm in the midst of applying for EPOS-DAAD scholarship for an LLM program, and would like someone to shed some light on one of the requirements below: "You have not been living outside your home country (or another developing country) for more than the past two years" I do not quite understand the requirement above, especially "more than the past two years" part. For example, if I had lived in my home country for the past 1.5 years (Feb 2018-Aug 2019) and I was living abroad for 0.5 years (Aug 2017-Feb 2018), does it mean I satisfy the requirement above? If say I had been living abroad for over 3 years prior to Feb 2018, do I still satisfy the requirement above? Really appreciate if someone could help me out on this one. Thank you in advance!
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