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  1. Congratulations on getting accepted! You can maybe lool for other funding options to support your study should you decide to push through with it. Did you also apply to WBS?
  2. I was interviewed on Wednesday. Two program coordinators interviewed me. How about you?
  3. Hello. Which program and school did you apply for? The whatsapp group we have are for DAAD Helmut Willy Brandt School applicants.
  4. Hello. I only applied to WBS. The folks on our Whatsapp group applied to WBS also and other schools but Hertie.
  5. Hello. Two of us got interview schedules already. It seems like WBS is still sending out interview emails. Do you want to join our Whatsapp group?
  6. Hi, Lialy. Congratulations on being shortlisted! I sent you a private message.
  7. Got it. I asked a former DAAD PPGG scholarship recipient from University of Potsdam about the interview process. She said that Potsdam nor DAAD didn't interview her. But she believes that other schools do and that it might be a new process for this year's batch. As far as the other shortlisted candidate that I know of, he has not been contacted for an interview. Neither do I. Do you want to connect through Whatsapp along with another shortlisted candidate?
  8. Hello. I have not heard back from WBS about the interview. You are correct that the e-mail says "might" so there is a possibility that only some of us getting interviewed. Did you mean that they contacted you just now about the interview or about the shortlist? Yes, I know two other shortlisted candidates.
  9. Hi. I am planning to create a Whatsapp group for those who were shortlisted for the MPP programme at the Willy Brandt School under the DAAD Helmut Schmidt scheme. We'll use this to talk about and prepare for the upcoming interview. Please let me know if you have been shortlisted and would want to join the group. Thank you!
  10. It's indeed a long process! RU Bochum told me that they will release the results by the end of December.
  11. Hi, Marco. WBS is expected to contact shortlisted candidates by the end of October.
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