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  1. Saw this on Fastlane? Could be normal maintenance but I'm hoping it means they're uploading the reviews/giving us the instructions for accepting..
  2. Know you're definitely not alone in these feelings. I was in a similar situation (choosing between two great programs), and while I'm happy with my choice, I'd be lying if I said I haven't frequently experienced anxiety about my choice (Incidentally, I also picked the slightly lower ranked school further from my family). I could be wrong, but it does seem like you're probably experiencing a similar anxiety, and I do think it would be unavoidable no matter what choice you made. I can completely understand how you're feeling when it comes to your family. But what could you realistically have done for your family with your grad school responsibilities even if you had chosen the other school? You sound like a selfless person, and I think it's positive that you'll be able to have that focus on yourself, and still see your family whenever you're able. I think you are beating yourself up. But it really does sound like you made the right choice. Don't doubt your past decisions, you made them for a reason. I find that I get deeper into my regret ruts when I fixate on all the negative aspects; it's unavoidable that'll you'll feel miserable if you do that! For me, it's helpful to push those thoughts away, and focus on all the positives that made me choose the school I did. Get on google and look up fun things to do in the area you'll be moving to, look at the exciting research at your school, etc. Anything to distract you from your doubts and reaffirm that you made a choice that made sense for you. It may be extra helpful also to get outside validation by talking to friends, advisors, family, etc. Take a deep breath. You're not stupid, or rash, and it sounds like you made a good choice. Wish the best for you! Edit: I see from your post history that you will be attending Brown! That's an amazing choice and I'm sure you'll do great things there.
  3. I won!! So freaking unexpected and I’m thrilled... That being said congrats to everyone who applied whether awarded or not as it is all honestly so luck based!!! We’re all great scientists studying important topics in our fields On a side note, has anyone figured out how to see reviews?
  4. Well there goes my productivity for the day. Good thing I have a project to work on tonight till 2 AM 😂
  5. I'm sure this is already in this subforum somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I just accepted an offer for Fall 2019 at Purdue! I visited the school twice during the past year and really loved the campus and the area seems nice despite being fairly small. I would love to hear current students' experiences and advice when it comes to living in West Lafayette, especially apartments, grocery stores, things to do, etc. Thanks!!
  6. I knew I was going to feel FOMO no matter what decision I made when choosing a grad school. It's definitely the right choice for me! Why does my anxiety have to insist otherwise? Ugh.
  7. Thanks guys. I know its just something to ignore and thankfully my boyfriend doesn’t agree at all with this nonsense.
  8. I know unaffected people's opinions shouldn't matter, but I'm tired of being pressured to compromise my career for my boyfriend's by the more traditional males in my life.. it's just irritating to constantly be held to a double standard.
  9. Agreed!! I’m frustrated by the waiting but I’d rather wait an extra week or however long than receive a review calling me the wrong name or reviewing the wrong proposal lol.
  10. I like this idea! Good for releasing tension lol. You have a really interesting topic! It sounds like important research, hope you get the funding 😊 I applied with a proposal for degradable 3D printed scaffolds for bone repair. It looks like I’ll apply it to 3D printed bio-inspired nanostructures though based on the lab I’m leaning towards joining. I don’t feel like my proposal was the strongest, but I’m hoping for good feedback for applying next year if nothing else!
  11. I am also waiting anxiously for the results. I sent an email yesterday and I received the same blurb about "no information available blah blah early April". Expected as much but still. I hope we find out in the next two weeks!
  12. I think I've narrowed my options down to two which I think would be the best fits for me. Both are top ten schools and have offered similar funding with no need to TA. Here's the pro's and con's of both for me: Purdue Pros: Multiple great PI possibilities, all have interesting research West Lafayette has a relatively cheap cost of living Purdue Cons: No one works in the field I was planning to pursue City is small and not close to much Michigan Pros: Great PI who works in field I was planning to pursue Nice city (Ann Arbor) Close to home Michigan Cons: The PI is much more active in another field of research rather than the one I'm interested in; however, he's indicated that he does care deeply about pursuing it, even though it is more of a side project. More expensive cost of living It would be great to hear opinions and advice, especially from people who have had experience at either school, or have had to make a similar tough choice. Thanks!!
  13. At the ones I've been to they will usually specify if something more formal is preferred. Otherwise I usually try to err on side of comfortable business casual. Usually there's been time to explore on your own too in my experience! Hope you enjoy yours
  14. Thanks!! I was surprised to hear from someone so late but hopefully it goes well
  15. I was in this situation till literally two days ago when I got an email asking for an interview. So employers are definitely still looking!
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