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  1. Does the stipend from your university have any teaching or research assistantship requirements? If so, I think your big decision is regarding if you want to work your first year while taking courses or not. Some people prefer to focus just on their classes in the beginning and so they use their NSF at the beginning while they adjust to grad school, while others like to save their NSF for when they are doing fieldwork or writing up their dissertation so they have no teaching or work requirements during that period. Another thing to consider is how many years of funding your university provides you and if they are strict on which years they provide you with funding. For example, if they provide you with funding your first 3 years and you are responsible for applying for grants your last two years, but that is a question for your university.
  2. I got the award and of course I am ecstatic! But I am a little concerned because I haven't received an email yet? Anyone else?
  3. I think they always have the maintenance message before the scores are posted, at least that is was I've seen on posts from previous years. But they also do maintenance for other things with the website occasionally. So it's always a guessing game on whether the results will be posted or not.
  4. Has anyone here ever applied for a nat geo grant? If so, did you receive the decision on time or earlier? I recently applied for the nat geo early career grant to support my thesis research. Online it says decisions are made by May but the grant coordinator mentioned that it could be as early as April. I am also curious if anyone out there is waiting to hear back as well? I searched and couldn't find any mention of it on the forums.
  5. Apparently 5 plant pathology applications have been denied this past week. They were told that their applications cannot go to review because it is disease-focused research. There is a whole thread about it on twitter with a lot of people upset
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