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  1. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but it seems they changed the kiddie tax rules back to the old system and are retroactively applying these changes to previous years: https://www.acenet.edu/News-Room/Pages/Congress-Fixes-Kiddie-Tax-Mistake-Approves-Other-Higher-Education-Tax-Provisions.aspx
  2. Well the site is finally officially offline. Best of luck to everyone! I hope that tonight is the night!
  3. It looks like this maintenance notification may be specifically for the GRFP, as it doesn't appear on the main Research.gov page.
  4. I've heard this is pretty common for people to do and not too difficult of a process. EDIT: I looked for evidence to support my statement. See https://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2018/nsf18108/nsf18108.jsp#q5
  5. Someone listed them in last year's thread: For 2018, it was April 3.
  6. I think they changed the URL for the GRFP from FastLane to the new research.gov, which they plan to eventually replace FastLane with. Not sure if this affects the maintenance notification stuff, however.
  7. If I remember correctly, I got the decision email last year on a Monday night/Tuesdsay morning (April 2/3, 2018) I think the positive feedback from those in your field is a good sign. Keep in mind that these applications are (afaik) reviewed by people in the general field you applied for, so I think jargon is expected. I think some of the feedback I received last year was fairly technical. I know the long wait for results leads to a lot of anxiety and time to have doubts, however unfounded they are. I didn't get the GRFP the first time around and it was frustrating, but in hindsight it taught me a lot about writing proposals and things worked out in the end. For many of us, this is our first experience writing a research proposal. These uncharted waters lead to a lot of stress, so take a deep breath and know that there are many others in the same position.
  8. I believe I saw this as the default when I checked a few days ago (before the maintenance period).
  9. Hi all, I received a full fellowship for this academic year. I was doing my taxes for 2018 and noticed that, as a dependent student, my unearned income (which my fellowship counts as) over $2100 will be taxed at up to 35% due to something called the "kiddie tax"!!! This seems extremely unreasonable for a graduate student, so I wanted to see if anyone has run into this situation before and can offer any advice. Also, after some searching online, I read that the "kiddie tax" rates have been changed started in the 2018 tax year so that they are no longer tied to your parents' tax bracket, but are instead taxed at full trust/estate rates.
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