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  1. strawberrykat

    Tallahassee, FL

    @CulturalCriminal I can't speak to the Trans-friendliness of Tallahassee but as far as Poc friendly it's like 3/5. It's better on campus at FSU and FAMU than off campus imo. And even then, there are exceptions at FSU. FAMU is largely Poc so there's that
  2. strawberrykat

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    Most likely
  3. strawberrykat

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    @DiscoTech so you think the environment outweighs the advisor and research?
  4. strawberrykat

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    Hello, I am in search of last minute advice. For context, my field is engineering. And please don't just say Stanford without reading Stanford Pros: strength of program, diversity, wealth of opportunity, name recognition, interesting faculty although no particular connection with any one. Funding! Generally funding for the MS degree is really hard to come by but I somehow managed to get tuition covered as well as a good stipend per quarter, probably not including summers (I have to TA for this stipend though 20 hrs/wk in addition to trying to find a research advisor) Cons: there is no direct PhD program (trying to do PhD) and not everyone is able to find an advisor to do one, advisors do not or take forever to respond to my emails and contact (including the guy I would want to work with), not leaving with a PhD would put me back at square one (here), cost of living Virginia Tech Pros: the advisor I want to work with is amazing and super responsive despite being super busy, and I'm super passionate about the research (like this is what I got into this field to do). Opportunity to start my research immediately and get involved in teaching if I want, low cost of living, best funding package by far Cons: not as well respected, lack of diversity, big football school, not as competitive (I want to be pushed by my peers to some extent)
  5. strawberrykat

    Between an Ivy and a Hard Place

    In the same boat, interested in feedback
  6. strawberrykat

    So... I'm in a [funding] pickle. Help!

    I agree with the statement above. The POI at SIU should understand that most students apply to more than one school and if she has looked at your application, she should know. You can call or email, just let her know you that you're still waiting to hear back from LSU (i.e. "I appreciate your support however, I'm still waiting to hear back from one more school before I make my decision"). Also, don't be afraid to contact the director yourself. They may not respond but it might be worth a try.
  7. strawberrykat

    Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    Thank you for satisfying my curiosity! Yeah it's actually insane. When they mentioned stretching that masters out to two years, I cringed...
  8. strawberrykat

    Blacksburg, VA

    Environmental Engineering. U Michigan, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon. There's a particular professor I like at Virginia Tech but it's a tough choice.
  9. strawberrykat

    Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    Has anyone heard about funding from Stanford?
  10. strawberrykat

    Blacksburg, VA

    Not officially yet but 98% sure!
  11. strawberrykat

    Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    They sent out a decision email yesterday saying "The graduate admissions process for the 2018-19 academic year is now complete." (Didn't get in but not really surprised). At this late in the game, you never know, but I wouldn't expect anything. Best of luck!
  12. strawberrykat

    How much does prestige matter? (help plz)

    What does the ranking/reputation look like? And school B?
  13. strawberrykat

    How much does prestige matter? (help plz)

    Basically in the same boat so I'm curious to see what others have to say. I think it's a tough but you need to choose the program that you will thrive in--a lot of opportunities to publish and stand out. And that may not necessarily be the best ranked program. Plus, if you're miserable (as the other students are), there's a chance you may lose motivation. Graduate student retention is a concern.
  14. strawberrykat

    GEM Fellowship 2018

    One of my schools told me that I would be a GEM Associate fellow if I attend. They were already giving me funding, but this would allow me to participate in GEM programming and events. Still hoping to get some closure on the full fellowship thing though.
  15. strawberrykat

    Civil & Environmental Engineering - Fall 2018 Applicants

    @fallfish I'm sure it's relieving to finally know where you're going! I'm jealous lol I'm still somewhat undecided but heavily leaning towards VT for the opportunity to work with a particular professor. The other school I was seriously considering was Stanford but as people mentioned, I think there are some issues in the department that make me pretty uncomfortable. My only concern about choosing VT is I don't want to prevent myself from being able to land an awesome faculty job in the future by choosing a lesser ranked program. But I think I can do some really awesome work there so maybe it will balance out, idk. If it wasn't for that, I would probably accept already. It's the perfect research fit.

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