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  1. I’m sorry to hear that - this process can be very frustrating. I also applied three times, first time got HM, second time got Alternate/HM, and this time I was awarded the fellowship. I put my HM and Alternate status on my CV because many faculty advised me to do that, so maybe you should too. I think people like to know that you are trying to get funded. I hope this helps and goodluck with everything!
  2. hi all, I was awarded the pre-doctoral fellowship (about 15 min ago)! this is my 3rd year applying and my field is psychology. Goodluck everyone!
  3. I'm not sure. But I can tell you that two other people from my lab who applied to the predoc fellowship for the 2019-2020 cycle were rejected about 30 minutes ago.
  4. Congrats!!!! That is amazing!!! I just checked my account and still have the generic message "Review results will be available one to two weeks after the review." I wonder if they are doing it by fields. Alma1350, do you mind sharing which field you are in?
  5. Not necessarily. I know 4 faculty who are/have been judges and only one has been a Ford fellow before.
  6. The wait is driving me crazy! This my 3rd time applying 😭 and last year they notified us around this day at 8:30am CT. Goodluck y’all!
  7. Well my feedback stated, "Your application was reviewed by 5 raters."
  8. My PI works is a reviewer and she made it seem that you get reviewed at stages - 5 being the last stage/round.
  9. Congrats to those who got the fellowship! I made it round three last year and received HM. This year I got to round 5 and I am alternate. I wonder how many alternates actually make it? Anyone hear of alternates who were awarded the fellowship in the past?
  10. I declined my ucsb counseling offer earlier today. hope this helps someone here!
  11. I had an interview with Depaul about month ago and with UCSB in January..
  12. I am having the same issue!! But I am trying to reach out to as may current/graduated students to ask about their experiences with funding and what they did to make it work. However, during the interview day students did seem stressed about the funding (atleast in my case) but were happy with everything else, so it was a bit confusing. :/
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